Synergy Service Solutions LLC has been using the Arise® Platform since 2004 and has made it a priority to engage other work from home agents that strive to provide excellent customer service for our clients. Our support begins from the moment the agent reaches out to Synergy while researching call center companies. We review their applicable skill sets, interest and lifestyles, in order to match the best client for the new agent. It is important to involve your agent in the opportunity review process and we encourage new applicants to research the client they are considering by visiting the company website and reviewing the content of the web pages. This gives the agent a feel for the company culture and provides insight to the types of calls or questions that may be asked from customers.

Our HR department is responsible for making sure that new agents have the documents, tools, equipment, and resources necessary in order to be successful from day one of the certification courses. Our goal is to identify any potential roadblocks early in the process, as this will allow us to have a higher certification success rate and encourages long-term retention and success with the company. Many agents have moved forward to form their own mini call centers; however many remain with Synergy,  and introduce their friends and family to this awesome opportunity we have available to us.
Andrea M., President of Synergy Service Solutions, LLC

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