How to Get Started working from home in the United Kingdom

The first on-demand customer management and technology provider in the UK, we’ve been operating in the UK for over a decade. Our powerful cloud-based platform serves some of world’s most recognized brands.

Two Unique Ways to Register:

1. When you register your business, you will need to be a named director of an incorporated company listed on Companies House. You will be asked to enter your company registration number and Arise will verify the details given before you can proceed.

If you want to join an existing call centre company, you can connect with companies looking for new agents. It is your responsibility to decide whether your association with a call centre is right for you. These companies are in no way affiliated with or controlled by Arise and Arise does not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the acts or omissions of such companies.

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2. UK Background check and Right to Work Checks

As part of the Arise® Platform security procedures, each registrant is required to go through a valid background check and a check to confirm the right to provide contracted services in the U.K. A background check contains your criminal history information held by police and government departments within the UK. These documents are also known as a CRB or Basic Disclosure. A check to confirm you have the right to perform contracted services in the U.K. validates your nationality and that you have the legal right to provide contracted services in the U.K. including on a self-employed basis. 

Arise cannot accept a background check or validation of the legal right to provide contracted services already in your possession. We must perform new checks. 

– A disqualifying record may prevent you from enrolling in the opportunity

– Failure to prove you have the legal right to provide contracted services in the U.K. including on a self-employed basis with a copy of your valid U.K. passport, or a valid international passport with the relevant Visas, may prevent you from enrolling in the opportunity

Please use Arise’ AVA support tool if you have any questions

You will receive an email from PeopleCheck during the enrolment process to complete your checks. Please click and follow the link included in the email.

Valerie is an Arise Service Partner from the UK.


“I started using the Arise® Platform about five years ago.  

I was working at a traditional call center in the energy sector but needed more flexibility and choice regarding when I wanted to work. Shortly after I found the Arise® Platform, my husband became sick. 

I chose to provide services to an email-focused opportunity on the Arise® Platform, which gave me even more flexibility in my life. But sadly, my husband passed away in 2022.  

I then returned to a phone-based opportunity on the platform—and I am so thankful I did. It gave me something to focus on—something to structure my week and it helped me gain much needed additional income.”