“Being a call center company and using the Arise® Platform has been such a rewarding and fulfilling experience. I started this business nearly seven years ago with the dream of working from home and being able to work around my family’s busy schedule. I started as an agent that serviced an industry telecom leader. I was able to provide services as a Chat Performance Facilitator, a Quality Assurance Performance Facilitator, and Escalations PF and also an Instructor. I started this with just the dream to be able to make an income to assist my family and now have my own small business!

Once I realized how easy it was to use the Arise® Platform I started sharing my story with family and friends. I started asking others to join my company. The biggest sense of pride is hearing and seeing how those agent’s lives have been positively affected. Knowing that I helped to lead them to work that gives them the ultimate freedom gives me satisfaction of knowing that I’m helping others. This is the true reason to become a call center company owner.

My biggest advice to call center company owners that are growing their businesses is to be honest, fair, and sincere. Put in the time necessary to grow your business and treat your agents the way you would want to be treated if you were an agent within your own company. Be accessible to their needs but be accessible during business hours that you set and maintain. Making sure to have a work/life balance is also important to make sure that you are running your business and your business is not running you.”

Nancee K., President of Buckeye Client Services, LLC


*Certain Service Partners were compensated for their testimonial. Images used are representations and are not actual images of the business owner being referenced in the story submission.

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