Once you complete your certification course, you can start servicing!

Here’s the stage when you begin providing customer service and support to the brands you love by answering calls, emails and/or chats – and earning money!

Smiling woman wearing headset and working on a computer.

What is “servicing?”

Servicing is when you provide customer service and support to the brands you love by answering calls, emails and/or chats. You set your own schedule by selecting ½ hour intervals, based on those available—and decide how much you want to work—bringing you the flexibility and freedom that so many Service Partners love.

Interval availability is limited by Client demand, the selection of the other Agents and Service Partners, and any agreements between a Service Partner and its Agents.

A day in the life on the Arise® Platform

Servicing on the Arise® Platform looks however you want it to! When you select your schedule in 30-minute increments, you can build your day to suit your needs—whether that’s a daily routine, or fluctuates across family and other commitments.

When you sign up for a client program, they may have specific servicing requirements. For instance, the client program might require you to service 2 hours on Mondays, or 4 hours across a weekend. You’ll need to read the Opportunity Announcement closely before choosing a program to make sure their requirements match your needs. And if those requirements are not a fit, there are plenty of other opportunities on the Arise® Platform for you to choose from.

Watch real-life Service Partners talk about their work on the Arise® Platform and what it feels like to make a difference in people's lives through customer service!

Safe @ Home

When you work from home, it’s easy to lose sight of some important elements that are often handled in an office or workplace by Health & Safety policies and procedures. Whether you are running your own company or working for another call center, here are some simple questions that can help keep you safe and healthy while working at home.

Your Workspace & Ergonomics

  • Is your working area secure, quiet, and free of distractions?
  • Are cables and wires secured under a desk or along the along wall, and away from heat sources?
  • Are the room temperature, ventilation and lighting adequate?
  • Is your screen free from noticeable glare?
  • Are your desk and chair ergonomically correct?
  • Is your chair sturdy and adjustable with good lumbar support?
  • Do your feet reach the floor when seated or are they fully supported by a footrest?
  • When typing, are your forearms close to parallel with the floor?
  • Is your monitor 20-24 inches from your eyes and the top of the screen slightly below eye level?

Fire & Electrical Safety

  • Is there a working smoke detector covering your work space?
  • Do you have a charged and accessible fire extinguisher in the area?
  • Is your work space free of trash, clutter and flammable liquids?
  • Are all radiators and portable heaters located away from flammable items?
  • Is your computer equipment connected to a surge protector and the electrical system adequate for your office equipment?
  • Are all electrical plugs, cords, outlets and panels in good condition, with no exposed/damaged wiring?
  • Are extension cords and power strips not daisy-chained and is there no permanent extension cord in use?
  • Is equipment turned off when not in use?

These are recommendations. Arise does not physically audit the at-home work environment. Arise does expect home offices or work spaces to meet security requirements as outlined and agreed to in client program announcements and SOWs.