Challenge yourself

Are you questioning whether or not you can make working from home work? As you dream of what it may be like to finally achieve work-life harmony, you may find yourself stymied by the same roadblocks or obstacles that stop many aspiring home based business owners from turning their dream into a reality.
With any new venture, you may find it hard to navigate the decision to work from home.

Here are a few common concerns and how thousands of at-home business owners, who use the Arise® Platform, paved their way to a smooth, easy road to working-from-home:

1. Time Management

Time is the enemy for every home-based business owner who is also responsible for the upkeep of their home, and the well-being of their family. At times, it may be difficult to know when the at-home work day ends and when attention to your family and other personal obligations begin. Set boundaries by establishing a starting point and a stopping point and keep firm to your schedule.

Using the Arise® Platform: For over a decade, our network of independent, work-at-home agents have enjoyed the flexibility of working from home while delivering customer service, sales and technical support for Arise clients. As a business owner, you determine your own schedule (in up to ½ hour increments!), supporting clients on the days and during the hours that work best for you and your family, and making time management well… more manageable. 

2.Less Structured

While the freedom associated with working from home can be liberating, some professionals require a more structured working environment to succeed. Designating office space, maintaining regular work hours, and even getting dressed to start the day are just a few in-home work habits to consider in promoting structure, self-discipline, and motivation.

Using the Arise® Platform: Arise is committed to providing its business owners the tools they need to build the life and career they want. Arise provides the technology infrastructure, support and client opportunities – the Arise Network of mini-call centers leverage this support as they determine the best way to structure the other aspects of their business. Setting the alarm, however, is up to you.

3.Social Isolation

Oftentimes, people who work from home complain of isolation and loneliness. One loses the social aspects that can sometimes make working in an office environment more enjoyable. Since the workplace provides an outlet to meet people and make friends, professionals working from home have to be more creative and resourceful. Schedule time that caters to social interaction by going to the gym, scheduling a lunch date, or taking a walk with a neighbor.

Using the Arise® Platform
: Today’s digital and virtual world has generated more opportunities for individuals to pursue successful work-from-home business opportunities while still feeling connected to people socially. Companies like Arise provide customer contact support for its clients by virtually connecting small businesses started by people like you to world-class companies and their customers, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity for human interaction.

4.High Start-Up Costs

Start-up businesses can be expensive and risky. Investing in high out-of-pocket start-up costs takes away from immediately pocketing the income you are ready to earn. There are plenty of companies today that provide real work-at-home business opportunities with little to no start-up costs. Be sure to research companies that appeal to you first and confirm they are legitimate and ethical before signing up.

Using the Arise® Platform
: Unlike most franchise or start-up businesses that can involve initial investments of thousands or millions of dollars, using the Arise® Platform is an extremely economical business opportunity with start-up costs averaging as little as $200-$500*, plus the cost of equipment. Arise is a legitimate business opportunity and has been featured as an industry leader on national news outlets, such as Good Morning America, Fox News and CNN. Additionally, since 2005 Arise has been a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business with an A+ rating.


Creating a better work life balance and making money from home sounds tempting. However, our own self-doubt oftentimes ignites fears that hinder our ambition to try something new. Getting caught up in decision-making keeps you second-guessing yourself, thus intensifying self-doubt. Be bold and unleash your inner confidence. If you believe you can be successful working from home, both personally and professionally, you will be.

Using the Arise® Platform: Sometimes opportunities sound too good to be true. While partnering with Arise may seem like one of them, we have thousands of people who prove using the Arise® Platform delivers on its promises.

Your path is clear. There is nothing stopping you.

* More information on start up costs can be found here .



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