Registration on the Arise® Platform

You can register to use the Arise® Platform one of two ways: either as a business owner (with a corporate entity business or as a sole proprietor) or as an Agent joining a Service Partner already established on the Arise® Platform.

Want to register to use the Arise® Platform but aren’t sure which way to go? There are a couple of ways you can register. Take a look below and get started today!

Selecting your registration path:

Registering a business as a Service Partner

Registering a business on the Arise® Platform is great for those experienced in customer service!
Do you want to register as a Corporate Entity or as a Sole Proprietor?

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Register your business as a corporate entity (e.g., an LLC or corporation)

Consider this option if you want to grow your business and inspire agents to grow along the way.

Register as a Sole Proprietor

Consider this option if you want to work for yourself—by yourself— and service great brands.

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Register as an Agent

Anxious about providing customer service? Register as an agent for a Service Partner already using the Arise® Platform—and learn from their experiences.

Want to register as an Agent of an existing Service Partner but not sure how to find a Service Partner to contract with?

Have questions about registering on the Arise® Platform ?

If you have questions about registering to use the Arise® Platform as an incorporated entity, as a sole proprietor, or as an agent of a Service Partner—or about the Arise® Platform in general — you can also refer to the following pages: