Costs of using the Arise® Platform

The Arise® Platform connects businesses with other businesses; your business may incur costs and business expenses while using the Arise® Platform. The good news is: You may already have what you need to get started.

Estimated Start-up Costs

DescriptionPaid toCost
Incorporating a business
  • If applicable
Country or state you reside in.Approximately $100-$350 (Varies by region)
Phone Line
  • Phone requirements vary by program
  • Please the check the Opportunity Announcement for each program to see what type of service is needed.
Telephone Provider
  • Magic Jack, Skype, Google Voice, and Ooma are NOT compatible for use on the Arise® Platform.
Approximately $75 installation fee
Hard-wired USB Headset with phone-quality audio(e.g., Plantronics, Logitech, Jabra)Retailer of your choiceApproximately $35 – $100
Background Check
  • This is valid for 36 months
Third-party Vendor$30
Personal Computer (PC)Retailer of your choiceVaries; you may already have what you need!

Monthly Recurring Costs

Description:Paid to:Cost:
Platform Usage FeeArise$19.75 twice per month.
Fee is charged per agent – working for your company – that is actively servicing a client program.
Other possible recurring costs:
  • High-speed internet
  • Phone line (if applicable)

If you are an agent who will be using the Arise® Platform while working for a Service Partner (and not your own business), the Service Partner may absorb some or all of these expenses – so your start-up costs may vary. Please consult with your Service Partner and note that your relationship with a Service Partner is a matter between you and the Service Partner – Arise has no involvement in it.

The Arise Platform fee covers a variety of support services available to Service Partners and their agents, including AVA, Partner Support, Tech Support, and more. Use of these resources is voluntary.