Make your skills and interests work for you! 

Below are just a sample of the opportunities available throughout the year on the Arise® Platform. See what might be a good fit for you!

Smiling woman wearing glasses and a headset.

Retail Customer Service

Are you an empathetic, patient person who loves finding solutions? If so, check out these opportunities:

Home improvement retailer
Dick’s Sporting Goods
Book retailer

Luxury Customer Service

Have a taste for fine jewelry or luxury retail? Share your interests with others to create memorable customer service experiences!  

Luxury retailer
Luxury Jewelry Retailer

Transportation Customer Service

Enjoy being on time? Others do too. Help make it happen by finding transportation assistance when it’s needed most—and make worries disappear!

Roadside Assistance
Medical Transportation

Travel Customer Service 

Want to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences for others? Schedule travel plans that create magical memories. The best part? You make it happen.

Entertainment and media 

Technology Support

Are you the techy person everyone looks to for help? Perfect! It’s your time to show off and help others navigate systems—you might already know the answers.

Intuit TurboTax 
Intuit QuickBooks 

Home Services Support

Passionate about your home? We are too! You can be the reason others keep their home safe—and their lights on!

Energy and Electric 
Home Insurance 

Financial Customer Service 

Did you know you have the power to make dealing with credit card issues, cash advances, and balance transfers enjoyable? Now you do.

Financial Service 
Banking Services

Different programs may require different equipment (like a certain processor or headset requirements), different certification durations and learning styles, and different performance metrics. Once you’re registered for the Arise® Platform, you can dig into the requirements for the available programs and see which one(s) might be right for your business!

Smiling woman wearing glasses and holding a laptop.