6 Steps to Boosting Customer Service

Phone Tips to Deliver Excellent Customer Support

Customer service is one of the biggest keys to a successful business. In this infographic, we present 6 steps to boosting customer service. These tips can help your company’s agents be successful.

6 Steps to Boosting Customer Service

1. Be a good listener. Listening is a big part of providing excellent customer service. Find out how you can help the customer and the purpose for their call. Then, be quiet while you listen to what they have to say. Never talk over them and wait until they are finished.
2. Identify and anticipate needs. Once the customer has finished telling you why they called, the next step is to summarize and repeat what they said before outlining the steps you are going to take to resolve the issue to their satisfaction.
3. Make your customers feel important. Use empathy, friendliness, and caring to show that they are important. Treat them the way you want to be treated.
4. Appreciate the power of “Yes”. This saying doesn’t always mean saying “yes” in the literal sense; however, it means to always find a solution for the customer.
5. When something goes wrong, apologize. Even though whatever went wrong during this customer’s journey isn’t your fault, you should still apologize for the trouble they are having. You can use a similar statement that illustrates your empathy and apology for what’s happened without admitting any guilt on your part or the company your call center is representing.
6. Give more than expected. One of your customer service goals should be to go above and beyond, exceed expectations.

More About the Arise® Platform

The  Arise® Platform offers a work from home opportunity making it easy for anyone to operate their own call center business right from home. It gives you the freedom to be your own boss, set your own hours, and work from the comfort of your own home. Being your own boss means taking charge of your call center, which must include a strong focus on customer service. The tips in this infographic will help your company’s agents provide excellent customer service and provide the service that is expected from the Fortune 500 companies your company services when taking inbound customer service calls for your home-based call center business.

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