Shanier S.

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How did you hear about the Arise® Platform?

I was actually surfing the web looking for a safe work from home opportunity, and the Arise® Platform popped up as one of the first options for me. I looked into it, and after I registered, I found a client that I wanted to service immediately, so it just grabbed me.

What was the client opportunity?

It was one of the cruise clients.

I was working in the insurance industry for years. Then when I got married, my husband and I decided that I could stay at home with our son without working, which is what I did. But after a while, I thought it was time for me to reacclimate myself to working.

So, I thought, “Well I love customer service,” and I started thinking about cruises. I had just come off a cruise that October, and I remember listening to my husband when he made our reservation, and that actually piqued my interest because I love making vacation plans and, you know, making people happy.

Needless to say, I looked up the Arise® Platform, and then this particular client popped up on the Arise® Portal as an opportunity, so I took it and have serviced with them ever since November 2019.

What do you like most about this client program?

What kept me on this program was the people I met who were also using the Arise® Platform throughout 2020. I formed a bond with them, and it helped me stick to the actual program because it wasn’t easy at first.

It was the people that I serviced with and the systems that were in place that kept everybody together. I appreciated that.

What do you like most about the Arise® Platform?

I love the flexibility and the different opportunities! It can help moms who are still at home gain some sort of independence—or something that’s outside of normal life—while also having other responsibilities.

It has given me something for myself. When you’re a mom, everything is always for everybody else, but this gives you the ability to be able to step away.

That’s what it is for me. You can actually offer a service.

And for me, it’s about bringing back the quality of customer service, which is something that a lot of people do not get a lot of—but I am passionate about it. For me, I get to do just that, and it makes me feel good.

What drives your motivation to provide high quality customer service?

I was in the insurance industry for a long time, and I know most of the time when people have to make a phone call for customer service, it’s not always a pleasant experience.

When you are on the other line, or the other side of that situation, you have to be empathetic, and you have to kind of understand where the other person is coming from, and you have to counteract that negative outlook.

That is something that has always been a goal of mine: to try to better a person’s day or help them have a better experience.

It’s just a goal of mine—something small—and I’m not sure where it comes from. It’s just a part of who I am.

How has using the Arise® Platform improved your professional life?

It was definitely an eye-opener for me. I have learned how to use different systems I used to dread, and I still dread things like Microsoft Excel, but I have been pulled into it using it more, and it’s increased my knowledge on a lot of things.

And speaking with people, trying to help them, teaching them how to provide better customer service has helped me grow.

It’s pushed me—in a good way. I’ve realized that’s the way I learn best.

Can you tell us about a time you felt like your customer service had a huge impact on someone?

I have a lot of exciting stories, but there was this one that stuck out to me, and she was a travel agent.

She was dealing with guests who were not from the U.S., and she was just having such a hard time. So I really put forth the effort to see what we could do to accommodate the guests.

At the end of the call, she was in tears—she was so grateful—she said, “You just really helped me out.”

That made me feel good, you know? It wasn’t a big deal for me to book a cruise, but for her, to get that done, it meant that she was going to accomplish what she needed, and I will never forget that.

What do you think makes you so successful?

It’s just that I want to be servicing. It’s not like I have to get up and get on the computer and sign in to service. I really want to do it.

How has the Arise® Platform helped you pursue your own hobbies and interests?

Well, with the flexibility I can create a schedule where I have a set time to work on my writing. Now I am able to get some momentum.

I set a schedule where I can wholeheartedly service the client and have time to write and all the other things I need to do.

My morning looks like this:

I wake up at 5:30 – 6:00 o’clock.

I exercise, do yoga, meditation, and I write. Then I log on to use the Arise® Platform and finish out the rest of my day.

Do you have any advice for those people who are new to the Arise® Platform?

If you want to grow professionally and personally—because you have to look beyond yourself when you help people—then the Arise® Platform is definitely for you.

If you want to learn about people and the different things that life has to offer, then the Arise® Platform has an array of opportunities —and you have the ability to work from home and do other things while you’re at it.

This can be the birth of opportunity for you. You are your own boss, and it teaches you how gratifying it is to be your own boss and help others in the process.

Is there anything else you would like others to know about the Arise® Platform?

I don’t want to sound like a motivational speaker, but I think people should settle for nothing but excellence, and excellence means you’re always moving forward.

When you use the Arise® Platform, I think that you have the opportunity to do just that— grow and move with the times!

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