Trentice L.

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How did you first hear about DailyPay?

I first heard about DailyPay from the Arise Virtual Assistant (AVA), but the client I was servicing wasn’t on DailyPay at that point.

A few days later, I was going through my email, and I found something about DailyPay and was like, “No way!”

I used something similar to DailyPay at another company—and I loved it!—but the flexibility of the Arise® Platform, combined with DailyPay’s flexible way to earn revenue, was a total game changer.

What was the sign-up process like with DailyPay on The Arise® Platform?

The sign-up process was very easy and had clear cut directions, and Arise implemented it smoothly. You just go to the portal, and you click a button.

What do you like most about DailyPay?

What I like most DailyPay is that it has reduced the number of days I have to struggle financially.

Before DailyPay, there were days when my revenue was gone, and I didn’t know how I was going to afford some things. I had gotten drastically behind on rent but made a decision that I was going to work my way through it. Without DailyPay, I would not have been able to do that. But now, I really don’t have many broke days [laughs].

I am not that awesome with money, I admit. I really had to take a look at myself and say, “Okay, Trent, just because you have money doesn’t always mean you should spend it,” and using DailyPay is teaching me how to be more disciplined with my money.

I always say that the Arise® Platform was made for me because every time I run into an issue, Arise makes a change to the platform that helps me personally [laughs].

What stuck out to you about DailyPay on the Arise® Platform?

Arise has made so many innovations that have kicked down barriers for people.

I always wanted to use the Arise® Platform to work from home and have a flexible schedule, but when I first started, classes were expensive and that stopped me from servicing. When classes became free, it helped me do it.

From there, the only barrier was the way you earned revenue. I didn’t like waiting two weeks to access my money, but when Arise introduced DailyPay to Service Partners, it showed that Arise really wants to grow and help people use the platform to its fullest.

Honestly, introducing DailyPay on the Arise® Platform has been one of the most exciting things Arise has done.

How is using DailyPay helping you reach your financial goals?

Well, first of all, the motivation behind it is really big for me. Even if I don’t need the money, I like the idea of seeing my bank account increase daily. I go ahead and press the button each day to have it transferred to my account because I like the motivation it gives me to keep working.

Sometimes when you received revenue every two week, it’s hard to keep your determination going—that desire to save money—but when you see your bank account increase daily, there’s a drive you get to just keep going and working.

Why do you think other Service Partners should use DailyPay?

Like I said before, you don’t have many broke days at all, and it can be really encouraging and helpful to a lot of people. And even though you are earning the same amount of money, you get access to your money faster.

What do you like most about the Arise® Platform?

First things first, I love my program—shout to out to the roadside assistance client—and I love doing work that means something, and providing roadside assistance means something to me and other people.

I love the flexibility of the Arise® Platform—that is the biggest thing for me—and being able to pick my hours.

I actually graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in film and television, and I had a great background in sales and customer service before using the Arise® Platform.

I knew that, even though I was an artist and had artistic endeavors, I had to pay bills, and so the Arise® Platform is the perfect equivalent to an actress in L.A. who serves as a waiter or waitress in order to get the bills paid while pursuing their artistic career. Except, this opportunity is even better because you can work from home—and it’s the most flexible thing ever.

I also love how it opens me up for other streams of income with different clients.

How has the Arise® Platform helped you accomplish your own personal goals?

Nothing stops me from doing what I want to do because it’s so flexible and you decide when you work, and I feel like Arise is behind me every step of the way.

Have you ever had a time when you feel like your customer service has impacted someone personally?

100%! This happens every day when it comes to servicing the roadside assistance client, which is why I suggest this client to everyone.

I have been on the side of the road before, and I don’t know how to change a tire [laughs], so I will always have to use roadside assistance—In fact, I have had this roadside assistance service before, and it’s really invaluable. But I’ve talked to people who are crying on the phone before, and I’m empathetic in nature.

Every day when I stop servicing, I feel like I have made an impact in someone’s life.

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