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“Life has an interesting way of setting us up. When I graduated college I worked for a call center for property and liability insurance. I kept getting sick and having to go to doctor appointments. I was also in so much pain. It was very challenging trying to get myself to work. My doctor wanted me to stop working but I refused until my body could barely move. The job tried to help me by reducing my hours but eventually I had to resign. That was tough on my family because we went to a one income household with a lot of medical bills.

Fast forward to 2014, I had 2 medical procedures done. Slowly I started feeling better. I was not 100% but I knew I was better than I had been in years. So immediately I told my husband I wanted to get a job. His concern was that I could still have tough days so would that job work with me. Great question.

On December 31, 2015 my family and I were stuck out in the cold waiting on a tow truck (we ended up being out there 8 hours). While we were waiting my cousin called me and said he heard about an opportunity that would be perfect for my situation. Enter: the Arise® Platform. Someone he knew told him and he told me. I looked it up and started the registration process the very next day!

Finally I had a chance to work again but I would be my own boss. If I did have a hard day, I didn’t need to push myself to get dressed, in my car, and walk in to some building. I just had to get down the hall in my home. Perfect!! Starting a mini call center company has given me a chance to feel useful despite my condition. It also allows me to share with others in a similar situation which gives so much hope when you don’t want to be stuck on disability income. And can you guess what type of calls I take? I’ll give you a hint: I don’t like seeing anyone stranded on the side of the road.”

Lisa J., President of AzureWorks Creative, LLC

*Certain Service Partners were compensated for their testimonial. Images used are representations and are not actual images of the business owner being referenced in the story submission.

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