Customer Service Tricks for Dealing With an Angry Customer

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Looking for customer service tricks for dealing with an angry or upset customer? We’ve got you covered here!

In fact, dealing with a frustrated caller is inevitable when providing customer support. There may be weeks where it feels like every single one of your customers is angry or upset. Then, there may be days when you won’t encounter a single frustrated caller. No matter what situation you find yourself in as a support agent, it’s important to handle each customer interaction with kindness and a sense of calm — even if it’s difficult!

In other words, your goal as a customer service agent should always be to diffuse a negative situation and quickly turn it into a positive interaction.

Follow these six customer service tricks for dealing with an angry customer.

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Repeat Their Concerns

One of the most important aspects of dealing with an angry customer is taking the time to repeat what they’re saying. This shows you understand their concerns and are empathizing with them. The next step is outlining a plan of action to resolve the problem.

Actively Sympathize

In addition to empathy, actively sympathizing with customers can help diffuse their anger or frustration. Saying statements like, “I understand how that can be frustrating” or “I am sorry for the trouble you are having” can go a long way into transforming a negative interaction into a positive situation.

Be Genuine

Next, make sure your agents don’t read from scripts. Acting genuinely is key to creating a positive customer experience. Speak from the heart and forge a connection with the person you are helping.

Remain Calm

If a customer is angry or upset, it’s your responsibility to maintain a sense of calm. Your composed attitude will help instill a sense of calmness in the customer.

Also, remember that it’s important to not take a customer’s anger or frustration personally! You are there to help solve their problem. However, you are not the reason why their problem has happened!

Follow Up

Follow up with customers to ensure their problem has been solved!


Many frustrated callers just want to be heard. Taking the time to listen will diffuse much of their anger.

Plus, no matter how upset or angry a customer is, you have the power to help the person on the other end of the line and provide valuable solutions. Though it is a big responsibility, the act of turning someone’s day around is one of the most fulfilling feelings — it makes the work of a customer support agent all the more worth it!

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