Work-From-Home Tricks: How to Avoid Distractions

Looking for more helpful work-from-home tricks and strategies? Check out our guide on how to avoid distractions. 
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The work-from-home era is here to stay! But with that comes new challenges that Service Partners like you must find ways to overcome. Don’t worry: We’re back with more helpful work-from-home tricks and strategies — this time on how to avoid distractions.

From social-media pings on your phone to family members demanding your attention, working at home can be difficult. But it’s not impossible to tune out the outside world from your workspace.

Here are some tricks to keep up your sleeve as you provide customer service from home.

Pinpoint Distractions Before They Happen

Are you a Facebook addict? Does a messy house drive you crazy? Knowing what may become a distraction in advance can be helpful when planning your workday at home. Turn off notifications on your phone for any apps that are not necessary when you are servicing customers. Tidy up your house first thing when you wake up.

If you know something will make it difficult for you to focus, handle it before you answer your first call of the day!

Ditch the Sweatpants and Establish a Schedule

The thought of working in PJs makes some people very happy. But most successful home workers will tell you that loungewear is meant for lounging. Getting dressed in clothes other than pajamas and following a schedule (including a lunch break) is a great way to get your mind in “work” mode.

Create a Dedicated Workspace in Your Home

Designating a spot in your home from which you’ll work on a daily basis is a must. It doesn’t have to be fancy — and it shouldn’t be your bed. A nook in your kitchen, a desk in your bedroom, or preferably, any room with a door, can be the perfect place to set up a home workspace.

Talk to Your Family

Set some rules for dealing with interruptions. First and foremost, post your schedule so everyone can see it! And instead of knocking on the door or yelling out your name every time they need you, establish a texting or email rule (for non-emergencies). Typing out a message will make everyone think twice about why they’re trying to get your attention, and you’ll have time to reply at your convenience.

Ready to Start Using These Work-From-Home Tricks?

As a Service Partner on the Arise® Platform, you can generate income on your own terms by working from home when it best suits your schedule. That said, check out these tips on providing excellent customer support! Plus, if you’re in the market for more work, check out the latest available opportunities here.

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