Valerie E.

Slightly smiling woman wearing headset and an image of coffee mugs in the lower right.

When did you start using the Arise® Platform, and why? 

I started using the Arise® Platform about five years ago.  

I was working at a traditional call center in the energy sector but needed more flexibility and choice regarding when I wanted to work. Shortly after I found the Arise® Platform, my husband became sick. 

I chose to provide services to an email-focused opportunity on the Arise® Platform, which gave me even more flexibility in my life. But sadly, my husband passed away in 2022.  

I then returned to a phone-based opportunity on the platform—and I am so thankful I did. It gave me something to focus on—something to structure my week and it helped me gain much needed additional income.  

What do you enjoy about the client you choose to service?  

I love the ethos of the client, and I love talking to the client’s customers and solving their issues. No call is the same—It’s always nice and varied. 

Some calls are technical, some calls are about orders, and others are about the latest promotions the client is running. It helps that I am a huge fan of the coffee capsule client’s brand, and I love the product! 

I am also continuously learning, which I am thankful for because it keeps my mind active and my skills fresh.  

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

Well, I am very active in my local church, and I am currently studying to become a Minister.  

One day a week I visit a local prison in a Chaplaincy capacity.          

I am also fond of gardening and crochet.  

The Arise® Platform allows me to not only work but also focus on these interests outside of my servicing hours.

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