Tonya S.

Smiling family and an image of a palm tree in the lower right.

Can you tell us about yourself, and what brought you to using the Arise® Platform?

I am currently in Ohio. My husband is in active duty with the U.S. Air Force. We have been here since 2018, but I’m born and raised in Carolina. We have two teenage girls, 14 and 16, and two bratty dogs who think they’re humans. [Laughs] It definitely has its days!

Is there any advice you have for anyone new to using the Arise® Platform?

Self-motivation is key. If you want something, you go get it. You have to have that drive to be self-motivated and the capacity to do it.

Favorite food:

Japanese food, probably the hibachi Japanese food! I think it’s the teriyaki sauce!

Favorite movie:

Dirty Dancing!

Favorite pastime:

Oh, I love to shop [laughs]! But I love to sit by the beach too. I could take either one: 80 degrees and the waves flowing, or shopping.

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