Roxy J.

Smiling woman in a kayak and an image of a tennis ball in the lower right.

How long have you been using the Arise® Platform?

Oh gosh! I have been servicing since the end of 2019, maybe the beginning of 2020, and service the sporting good’s retailer. So around three years!

Is this your only gig?

It’s an add-on gig, but I am a full-time entrepreneur and actually start my own businesses!

What do you like about the Arise® Platform?

Versatility! Since I am an entrepreneur, I like picking hours so I can be fully focused and can schedule myself whenever I want to work. Whether it be for kayaking, hiking, or spending time with family, I get to schedule a time that works for me. I can have that time set aside and give one hundred percent of the that time to the client and the Arise® Platform.

Favorite food:

Oh my gosh [laughs]! I love crabs, you know, King crabs—and a nice, ranch raised steak. Oh, and wine with it!

Favorite movie:

Benny and Joon, and my favorite part of it is when they take the utensils, and they are dancing the utensils on the countertop.

Favorite pastime/hobbies:

Well, I build out camper vans on the side, so I buy vans that are old work vans and build them into camper vans. Because I was an electrician, I remodel the vans on the side. That’s one of my businesses!

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