The Best Postpartum Exercises for Work-From-Home Moms

The Best Postpartum Exercise Ideas for Work-From-Home Moms

If you’re like many work-from-home moms, you know the kinds of adjustments required to get back to work after having a baby. After all, working from home is stressful as it is — so adding a little one into the mix takes it to another level. Work-from-home moms who run their own business (like those on the Arise® Platform!) may feel waves of mom guilt from time to time. Let us be the first to tell you that these feelings are not only normal, but they also don’t have to control your life.

Create a schedule that works for your role as a mom and an entrepreneur, and make sure you include some “me time.” One of the best ways to carve out time for yourself, is by incorporating health and wellness exercises into your daily routine, such as light postpartum workouts.

Below you’ll find some postpartum-friendly exercise ideas perfect for work-from-home moms.

Upper Body Exercises

Easing back into a fitness routine after giving birth requires patience. If you have a dumbbell lying around or even a resistance band, you’re good to go for this workout. Start with a small weight – less than five pounds – and focus on your upper back, triceps, and biceps.

Bicep curls: Hold one weight in each hand with your arms at your sides. Proceed to raise your hands, so your elbows are at a 90-degree angle. Complete 10 to 12 reps two to three times in a row, with a one-minute rest between.

Shoulder presses: Do these with your arms bent. With a weight in each hand, extend your arms up to a vertical angle. Lower and repeat. You can also switch these up and do them as lateral raises so you’re lifting your arms up and to the side.

The best part? All of these moves can be done either standing or sitting in a chair.

Deep Belly Breathing

Deep belly breathing is one of the most important and underrated exercises a new mom can do — especially work-from-home moms looking to destress. It’s a workout that aids in fast recovery and helps your overall breathing.

Start by gently inhaling into your lower belly, allowing it to expand. Once you exhale, be sure to suck your belly back in. This is a reverse way of breathing where you allow your inner core to do most of the work.

Neck Stretches

Holding a baby all day can do a number on your neck, so incorporating a daily neck stretch will make all the difference. Start by lifting your head, dropping your left ear to your left shoulder, and letting it rest there for a few seconds. Do the same with your right ear to your right shoulder. Try to do this at least two to three times per day.

Work-From-Home Moms makin’ it happen.

Being a new mom is a full-time job! But as your baby gets older, you’ll be grateful for the time you dedicated to parenthood. You can’t get that time back, and – as they say – children do grow up so fast. You don’t want to miss a moment. For this reason, working from home holds more value than meets the eye.

Of course, it’s imperative to make time for yourself, to maintain your own identity and independence. As a reminder, the Arise® Platform empowers work-from-home moms to earn money from the convenience of home, to determine when and how often to work, and to craft a schedule that makes time for all of the things that matter to you.

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