Flexible Scheduling and Portable Work: Just some of the Solutions Military Families Discover on the Arise® Platform

Military family with child in a kitchen.

Beyond work-from-home conveniences, active & former military, veterans and military spouses find critical solutions to everyday challenges by using the Arise® Platform.

Every day, members of the military community forego ordinary conveniences that civilians take for granted. Service members and their spouses often encounter challenges finding portable work with a flexible schedule, reliable income, and affordable childcare. The difficulties are compounded as military families are forced to frequently relocate and build a new life in a new place, with no choice but to find a new support network.

These types of challenges can create uncertainty, insecurity, and instability in the household. This is just a fraction of the many sacrifices military families make for the love of country. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Many customer support agents servicing through the Arise® Platform have built a stable, secure life by leveraging all of the benefits available through remote work. Military families have special circumstances that the Arise® Platform is uniquely positioned to support. With flexible schedule options, portable work, and unlimited earning potential, military families can find income security and work stability. And they do this on their timeline from the convenience of home (no matter how often “home” may change.) Here’s how:

Flexible Schedule: Making your Own Hours

Working from home doesn’t always guarantee scheduling flexibility. But through the Arise® Platform, agents are able to select the slots (“intervals”) they are actually available to work. This means stay-at-home parents can work around school drop-offs and pick-ups, before or after dinner, and between errands.

Veterans can schedule work around VA visits and doctor’s appointments. This can also include working during times of the day that seem less stressful, which is especially important for someone who may experience challenges transitioning back into civilian life. The platform experience allows for a gradual reintegration into the workforce – on a timeline that respects one’s health and well-being.

For most in the military, family time is deeply cherished and a top priority. Flexible scheduling means family can and will come first. Through the Arise® Platform, agents select the servicing timeslots that accommodate real life, so you never miss a moment with those who matter most.

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Portable Work: Work that Moves with You

Among the myriad challenges that come with military life is the dreaded relocation. The average military family moves 3 times[1] more frequently than the average civilian family. This frequent life-change makes it very difficult to put down roots, especially in the workforce.

Through the Arise® Platform, agents work remotely 100% of the time and can service from home, no matter how many times they move. As long as the computer and headset are unpacked and ready to go, they can be up and running even before completing the latest change-of-address form.  The platform is available for use in 43 of the 50 states[2], so agents can work nearly anywhere in the country.

Unlimited Earning Potential

Many service members sacrifice a reliable income for the sake of their country. Despite the sacrifice, the bills still need to be paid and the kids still need to be fed. For this reason, many in the military community – especially military spouses – may seek out ways to supplement the family income.

Through the platform, not only is there flexibility to work when it works, there is also the flexibility to work as much as you want. Arise® partners with many well-known brands that are in search of customer support agents to service their customers during all hours of the day. With new opportunities posted every week, and the flexibility to select when they want to work, this is the perfect fit for the die-hard, go-getter with a military work ethic.

And for those looking to make ends meet, with limited skills or prospects – even a small income stream can make a world of difference. Don’t give up! There are options.

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Diversified Skillet

Many in the military community enlist right out of high school and know no other life beyond military life. Apart from specific skills acquired during service, there may be some challenges developing one’s skillset. Many veterans encounter difficulty finding employment after exiting the military. For military spouses, frequent relocation makes it tough to find work that allows them to develop marketable skills.

Most, if not all, programs on the Arise® Platform revolve around Customer Support via phone, email, and/or chat. There are numerous opportunities to nurture soft-skills and develop strong technical skills, while navigating various types of systems and software.

Learn something new, improve preexisting skills or just keep your skillsets fresh and relevant for life beyond the military. Above all else, the experience you gain while using the Arise® Platform provides marketable, transferrable skills that can be applied nearly anywhere.

Now for the best part… imagine using all of these skills to develop yourself, while using them to work for yourself.

Being Your Own Boss

In addition to the many advantages of servicing through the Arise® Platform, few offer more potential for growth than the benefit of working for yourself. Once you register, you have the option to set yourself up as a sole proprietor or as an incorporated business.

While it can be incredibly liberating to be your own boss, it may also be intimidating. Through the Arise® Platform, you also have the option work for someone else already established on the platform.

This type of freedom provides huge benefits for military families.

Active service members can supplement their income by servicing as a side-hustle, or they can opt to build a skillset and a business while enlisted. Once they complete their service, they have a viable, established enterprise waiting for them.

Transitioning members and veterans can start small – working for someone else – or decide to begin something new, building a business at a pace that allows for gradual reintegration into civilian life and the workforce.

Military spouses have the option to work as little or as much as family life demands. Working for another business through the platform means making some extra money without a fuss. If time and life permit, they have the option to build a business, a brand, and an income that continues to pay dividends long after military life is over and the kids have grown up.

Benefits abound for you to Build a Life and a Business

Through the Arise® Platform, truly anyone – civilian, service member or spouse – can find a flexible schedule and portable work with unlimited earning potential.

After committing to a life of service, finding something that serves you is profoundly helpful. Above all the advantages found through servicing on the platform, the greatest is the benefit of choice. You have the freedom and flexibility to grow a business that will follow you beyond your service.

Consider whether the Arise® Platform is the right choice for you.

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[1] https://www.dodea.edu/partnership/about.cfm

[2] Unavailable in CA, CT, MA, MD, NY, OR, and WI

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