How Technology has Revolutionized How People Work

The rise of the Information Age has supported the ability for corporations to dramatically change the way they manage aspects of their business.  The technological evolutions from this era of innovation have enabled the rise of a sophisticated work-at-home industry in which Independent Businesses can now offer support to global, world-class companies, and often do so from a home office. 


It has been decades since companies began to experiment with the virtualization and automation of work tasks.  There have been many approaches to optimizing critical work functions to create cost-effective and efficient workflows.  This has included experimenting in outsourcing specific business tasks out to companies that are experts in that specific industry, allowing the primary company to focus on managing and expanding their core business operations.  Innovators have designed a multitude of revolutions, particularly in technologies that connect global, world-class corporations with just-in-time skilled workers that work from the comfort of their own home.

Of the many studies conducted on the work-from-home trend, one in particular – Forrester Research’s US Telecommunication Forecast – reported that as of 2010 34 million Americans worked from home in some capacity.  Even more this number is expected to reach an outstanding 63 million, or 43% of the U.S. workforce by 2016.  A key driver and enabler for this continued growth in this industry is the on-going, and seemingly never-ending evolution of broadband technologies, internet innovations and capabilities, and increased accessibility of skilled and technology savvy individuals in the market place.


In the past, work-from-home work included mind-numbing tasks such as stuffing and mailing envelopes on behalf of marketing campaigns.  Or transcribing lengthy, and low-quality tapes into high-quality documents.  However, with the emergence of the Information Age it is easy for the work-from-home worker to participate in exciting and sometimes complex work using sophisticated systems and representing premier global brands.  The expansion of broadband access, evolution of faster computer systems, and innovations such as VoIP have made it easy for a worker to quickly invest in a home based business and a new way of life.

When business owners think about partnering with Arise they should feel confident that not only is Arise a constant innovator of new technologies and processes to optimize business success, but the clients that comprise the Arise client portfolio also represent some of the most technologically sophisticated brands that exist in today’s global market place.  In fact, we always welcome those businesses that primarily use Windows based systems, however, over the next three to four months we will be narrowing our search to businesses that primarily use MAC OS X 10.9 – Mavericks.  Regardless of which is the operating system of choice for your business, if you are ready to begin the Registration process so that your company can use the Arise® Platform, start here.
Often we hear from business owners, that use the Arise® Platform, how exciting it is to share success with a large corporation such as Arise, while at the same time having the freedom and flexibility to run their own business.

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