Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent for your Business

Today's increasingly competitive landscape makes it more difficult for companies to recruit top talent.  Small business owners are at a disadvantage as they compete with larger corporations.  However, the advancements in tools and technology focused on finding the right candidate enable the small business owner to attract, hire, and retain top talent, just like any large corporation.


Summer may be only beginning but here at Arise we are already a furnace of activity as we steam ahead with balance of year goal achievement.  With the diverse portfolio of clients that Arise has there are so many servicing opportunities available to call center companies using the Arise® Platform and they will only increase as we head into the heart of our year –fourth quarter.  So how can a call center company owner take advantage and ride the tidal wave of opportunity lies ahead?  The key is finding the right talent to help drive your company’s success.

Finding and recruiting the right top talent is a difficult process for any company, even tougher for small businesses who are often competing for top talent among much larger companies that have access to a more diverse and richer set of resources.  However, call center company owners should not be dismayed — with a little creativity and adoption of industry best practices, even the smallest business can attract, hire, and retain the brightest stars out there.


The first thing to consider is what is your company’s brandand reputation in the market that you are recruiting in.  More and more companies are using social media outlets not only to interact directly with their clients and consumers, but also to interact with potential hires. Speaking of social media – does your company have a website with a page dedicated to what the employment experience is at your company?  This is a great place to share the benefits of working for your company!  Finally, if someone is interested in applying for a job with your company – how do they go about it?  Today there are many applicant tracking systems available – even for the small business which enable for the automation of pre-employment documents.

Screening Process

So now you have successfully implemented a marketing and social media strategy that enables you to connect with many recruits.  How do you know who are the individuals that are going to contribute the most value to your company’s continued success?  Today there are many tools that exist that help make the recruiting process more precise allowing business owners to quickly identify whether a candidate has the right skills to be successful in the role.  Some of these tools, such as skills assessments, are fairly inexpensive and administered in an automated fashion making it easy for even the small business owner to use the sophisticated tools used by larger corporations!


So now you have found the perfect candidate to join your company, how do you ensure that they remain engaged?  Recruiting the right individual takes many resources both in the time spent in looking for and qualifying the right candidates and the money spent on marketing and assessment tools.  The key to an engaged employee begins before their first day on the job.  Ensuring that your recruiting process is organized and timely will set the stage for the new hire’s level of engagement on day one.  Finally, being supportive during their initial on-boarding and providing plenty of feedback will ensure that you maintain an open line of communication ensuring that your new employee is learning the systems, tasks, and their role to your expectation.

As a business owner using the Arise® Platform, now is the time to start preparing your company to ensure that you have enough agents enrolled in certification courses and ready to service as Arise continues to implement new client programs and prepare for the busy season.

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