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Call center agents need to be versed in customer service, but there are some additional skills that will help your call center agents be the best that they can be. Of course, the best call center agents reflect positively on your company. Every call center agent should have the following 5 skills outlined in this infographic. These tips will help your call center agents achieve customer service success time and time again.

Call Center Agent Skills Infographic

  1. Clear Communication: This not only means clear speech but communicating the information necessary to callers and answering questions completely and accurately.
  2. Empathy: This skill goes beyond being friendly or just cordial. Callers (especially ones who are looking for your agents to solve a problem) will be very appreciative of empathetic statements. To master this skill, have your agents practice statements that show they understand the frustration or problem a caller is having and show that they are sorry about it without admitting any guilt or wrongdoing.
  3. Positive Attitude: Having a positive attitude might come second nature to some, but it is a skill that should be developed by agents. It isn’t always easy to remain positive when faced with an upset caller or when other personal problems could be weighing on them. That is why developing this skill is vital. All other emotions must be turned off during an agent’s time on calls. It will lead to success for their calls and your business too.
  4. Attentive Listening: One of the most vital skills for a customer service agent to have is listening to a caller without talking. Listening to their needs helps your agents identify the problem or challenge and then prepare an action plan for solving it. To show they are listening attentively, agents should repeat a caller’s problem before outlining the steps that they can take to resolve it.
  5. Willingness to Go the Extra Mile: Both the Fortune 500 companies your company provides support for, and the callers on the other end of the line, will definitely appreciate and be impressed when agents have that willingness to go the extra mile to make sure that callers are happy. When others are surprised by the unexpected, it works out well for everyone involved.

This list of the 5 skills every call center agent should have outline how your call center agents can be the best call center representatives possible. Based on the list in this infographic, you can learn to help your agents be the best customer service representatives they can be. It includes the basics but goes beyond that to teach skills that lead to success.

The Arise® Platform offers a work from home opportunity making it easy for anyone to operate their own call center business right from home. It gives you the freedom to be your own boss, set your own hours, and work from the comfort of your own home. Being your own boss means taking charge of your call center, which must include a strong focus on customer service. The tips in this infographic will help your company maintain an excellent repertoire and provide the service that is expected from the Fortune 500 companies that your company services when taking inbound customer service calls for your home-based call center business.

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