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Service Partner Showcase

Support the Service Partner community by reading about their interests, goals, and achievements!

Steven 2

Tell us about yourself. What brought you to the Arise® Platform?

“I live in a tiny town in the North-East of Scotland. I live with my wife, and we moved here four years ago. I’ve always worked in Customer Service and was looking for an opportunity that allowed me to work from home as we are quite remote. During the past four years, I’ve always serviced the coffee capsule client but have taken various call types and now on chat!”

What do you like about using the Arise® Platform?

“I like the flexibility of my working pattern. It’s the total highlight. There is a strong sense of community with the other Service Partners, and there’s always support available!”

Do you have any advice for those new to the Arise® Platform?

“My advice to anyone joining the Platform: You need to be committed, dedicated, and be customer serviced orientated. If you are, this is the ideal opportunity offering flexibility, support—and it’s FUN!”

Favorite food:

“Domino’s Pizza. They’re never within the 20 mins so we always get a discount!”

Favorite film:

“Avatar, and I’m looking forward to seeing the new one.”

Favorite pastime:

“I love to travel on the weekend, breaks. Enjoy the outdoors—or at least a walk to the nearest pub!”

Roxy 2

How long have you been using the Arise® Platform?

“Oh gosh! I have been servicing since the end of 2019, maybe the beginning of 2020, and service the Dick’s Sporting Good’s client. So around three years!”

How did you discover the Arise® Platform?

Well, a friend of mine was servicing the Dick’s Sporting Good’s client, and recommended I try it out. I never did anything like this customer service work from home before, but I did quality assurance in the past.”

Is this your only gig?

“It’s an add-on gig, but I am a full-time entrepreneur and actually start my own businesses!”

What do you like about the Arise® Platform?

“Versatility! Since I am an entrepreneur, I like picking hours so I can be fully focused and can schedule myself whenever I want to work. Whether it be for kayaking, hiking, or spending time with family, I get to schedule a time that works for me. I can have that time set aside and give one hundred percent of the that time to the client and the Arise® Platform.”

Favorite food:

“Oh my gosh [laughs]! I love crabs, you know, King crabs—and a nice, ranch raised steak. Oh, and wine with it!”

Favorite movie:

“Benny and Joon, and my favorite part of it is when they take the utensils, and they are dancing the utensils on the countertop.”

Favorite pastime/hobbies:

“Well, I build out camper vans on the side, so I buy vans that are old work vans and build them into camper vans. Because I was an electrician, I remodel the vans on the side. That’s one of my businesses!”


Tell us about yourself. What brought you to the Arise® Platform?

“Well, as a far as personal introductions, I am Latonya. I am hitting year 36 in my marriage this coming July—I’m very proud of that—we have three grown children and six grandchildren, and I happen to think they are some of the prettiest people on the planet. They have all followed different paths. Two are in the medical field and one is a photographer. I am from Ohio, so The OSU Buckeyes are big there—and we call it Buckeye Nation—but I now live in North Carolina and love it since I can reach a beach in less than 4 hours.

“I began my journey in 2012 with the Arise® Platform for two separate reasons. I feel teenagers need more parenting, and when they’re teenagers there are other challenges going on, and I wanted to be more available them. There was also a change of life event at a certain point in my life where my father developed cancer, and soon after my mother developed dementia. Although they both lost their battle, I joined the Arise® Platform to be able to support them however needed, and be with them through their fight! Those are the primary reasons I partnered with Arise.”

What do you think attracts people to Arise® Platform?

“For me, initially I think it was the ability to work from home and the flexibility to schedule when you work. Now, ten years, later it’s the flexibility. The flexibility is important. Young mothers and fathers need the flexibility to work around newborns and education.”

Favorite food:

“Oh goodness [laughs], that’s a hard one because I consider myself a foodie. Fun fact: I am an Elite Yelper! After our kids were out of the house, we shut our kitchen down and started going out to eat a lot. But my favorite food is probably a toss-up between Indian and Mediterranean.”

Favorite movie:

“This is going to date me a little, but I love musicals, and this is an old musical: 7 Brides for Seven Brothers! It’s funny. My kids still tease me about it and ask if I like it, and I’m like, ‘of course, I do!’”

Favorite pastime/hobbies:

“My husband and I like to travel. We try to take a trip as often as we can. We been to El Salvador, Ecuador, Santa Cruz, and different parts of the United States: California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico. We’ve been to Canada a couple of times, and we’re planning a trip to Turks and Caicos! We have also been to several spots in the Caribbean such as St. Lucia, Antigua; US Virgin Islands, Nassau, and Freeport Bahamas, and Haiti.

Our bucket list of places is: Greece, Amalfi Coast of Italy; Africa; Thailand; and various parts of Europe, and of course Alaska—to see the stunning Northern Lights—and Australia! – Pretty much everywhere [laughs].”

sharlene - solo

Tell us a little bit yourself. What brought you to the Arise® Platform?

“I am a wife and mother of three children ages 18, 15, and 13. We homeschool, so I was looking for an opportunity that offered me the flexibility to earn money 100% remote and have true work-life balance. I service on one of the cruise clients and I love it – I am so happy to be here. The calls are fun and there is always support available if you need it. #P*R*O*U*D (if you know, you know!)”

Is there any advice you have for anyone new to using Arise® Platform?

“My advice for someone joining the Arise® Platform is to be committed, do what you say you’ll do, reach out for support when you need it—it’s always available—and you will see the benefits, flexibility, and love it as much as I do!”

Favorite food:


Favorite movie:

“Running Bases.”

Favorite pastime/hobbies:

“I love to read, computer design, and spending time with my family!”

Tonya 2

Can you tell us about yourself, and what brought you to using the Arise® Platform?

“I am currently in Ohio. My husband is in active duty with the U.S. Airforce. We have been here since 2018, but I’m born and raised in Carolina. We have two teenage girls, 14 and 16, and two bratty dogs who think they’re humans. [Laughs] It definitely has its days!”

What made you choose the Arise® Platform?

“We were moving from Texas to Georgia, and I was having to give up my job. I wanted to work, but as most mothers, I wanted it to be based around my kids, and when I was in Georgia, this other woman—her and my daughter were in the same class—asked if I was interested in working from home. I was honest and said that I didn’t want to sell anything [laughs].

This was around 2017, or beginning of 2018, so I gave it a try. And then I absolutely loved it and how I was able to schedule work around my kids, picking them up from the bus, taking them to school, or doctor’s appointments. And with my husband being in the military (and not being able to depend on him for events or appointments all the time), the ability to be a mom and make an income is what drew me in and kept me here.”

Is there any advice you have for anyone new to using the Arise® Platform?

“Self-motivation is key. If you want something, you go get it. You have to have that drive to be self-motivated and the capacity to do it.”

Favorite food:

“Japanese food, probably the hibachi Japanese food! I think it’s the teriyaki sauce!”

Favorite movie:

“Dirty Dancing!”

Favorite pastime:

“Oh, I love to shop [laughs]! But I love to sit by the beach too. I could take either one: 80 degrees and the waves flowing, or shopping.”