Amanda M.

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How did you hear about the Arise® Platform? 

I was using a rideshare company platform and one of my passengers was raving about how she makes money using the Arise® Platform and how much flexibility she had.

She told me how you can run your own business or serve as an agent for someone else’s business and take customer service calls for different companies.

I have five kids and taking them to school or appointments made it hard for me to find work on a schedule that met the demands of my family.

From the moment I took the time to look into the Arise® Platform, I loved it!

What do you like most about using the Arise® Platform? 

I love everything! From the certification courses—the instructors are wonderful—to servicing.

For me, being an entrepreneur and picking my own hours was everything!

What client program are you servicing and what do you like about it?

I’m servicing the home security client.

I love to help people and I love, love, love to help the client’s customers.

It’s about building rapport with the customers, and connecting with them, to create the best customer experience possible.

If you get a customer who calls in with a problem, you can spend time with them to resolve their issue. It means everything to me.

One time I had a call from a customer who was trying to take care of a lot of personal things, and she was overwhelmed.

So, I took the time to ask her if she was doing okay— to show her empathy.

She shared some things with me about her life that I’ve gone through in mine which led to us calmly resolving her issue.

She even told me, “You were such a blessing to me today. I’m so glad I got you. Thank you so much for your help!”

How has your use of the Arise® Platform improved your life?

It has improved it a lot!

I’ve always had to work a 9–5 job and miss important things in my kid’s life—or try to find time to make doctor’s appointments.

But the flexibility you get when running your own business and using the Arise® Platform is amazing!

How has your use of the Arise® Platform improved your family life?

I have one son who is a Marine, and because I was using the Arise® Platform, I was able to work my schedule around special events in his life and attend his officer promotion ceremony and his college graduation!

My daughter graduated from college and got her master’s degree. I was able to attend both of her ceremonies!

And one of my other sons just graduated from high school, and I was able to attend his graduation as well.

I’m always home for dinner, can run errands as I need, and get important quality time with my family.

All of this was possible due to the flexibility I have with the platform!

What do you think has led to your success since you started using the Arise® Platform?

I’ve always been driven to service customers.

When I was a little girl I had a toy phone, and I made up a company—even the name and type of business. I would pretend I was taking calls from customers and helping them. [laughs]

I’ve also always wanted to be an entrepreneur and I’m driven to be successful.

Is there anything else you would like others to know about your goals? 

When someone asks me what I do and how I do it, I reiterate what I said earlier—the Arise® Platform offers a lot of flexibility.

You can pick your own hours. You can be your own boss, and there’s always help when you need it.

Stay focused, be empathetic, and connect with the customers. Just be yourself!


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