Patricia F.

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How long have you serviced the Medical Transportation Client on the Arise® Platform?

I have been on the Arise® Platform since 2013. It has always been my go-to for earning extra revenue. I am not able to get around like I used to do so it’s easier for me to sit at a desk and take calls. I have been servicing the medical transportation client since November, and I was referred to the opportunity by a friend of mine who has been servicing with them for two years.

Why did you start using the Arise® Platform?

The Arise® Platform enabled me to get out of the rat race and commuting to work. You see, I moved from Chicago to Tennessee, and after moving to Tennessee, I became really sick, couldn’t work, and needed to stay at home. By using the Arise® Platform, I am able to still work!

What type of calls do you take?

With the medical transportation client, I actually look forward to getting on the phone. I help individuals book their medical transportation. When I first sign on, I always greet the member with a smile and friendly voice—they pick up on that. You have to be patient to answer the phones and be able to put yourself in their shoes and how they’re feeling. I’ve been there. I’ve had to use transportation, so I know how it is.

If you could share any advice with a new agent on the opportunity, what would it be?

Go for it! It’s a good client and a great opportunity! I have a medical background, and I was actually a medical assistant. I can’t do that anymore, but it has given me the opportunity to use my existing skills even though I cannot go out to work anymore. My PCS scores show it! [Laughs]

What’s your favorite thing about the Arise® Platform?

The ease with my schedule. I can schedule when I want to work and for how long. It works around my needs, and that’s not the only reason why. As long as I am servicing on the phone, I know I’m earning revenue. That’s good for me.

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