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You provided us with feedback and we listened. The Cable Communications program is back and new and improved!

Don’t believe us? Read what company owners, who have serviced this program have to say:

  1. “What I liked best about servicing the cable communications program is that every call is a different experience, and I am able to furnish the customer with news that they may not know and explain how awesome the new platform is and how they benefit for upgrading.” – Tonya E., Owner of SEA Virtual Solutions, LLC.
  1. “I like interacting with the customers that call in. I like being able to use my available resources and knowledge to ensure a first call resolution.” – Charles R., Owner of Successful Virtual Solutions, LLC
  1. “I enjoy working with the customers and particularly working with the billing issues and trying to solve the customers’ concerns. It has taken me some time to really get used to the tools that we have available to us, but there is a lot of help from the resources in the chat room, which is extremely helpful. Also, I am able to get assistance while I have the customer on the phone.” – Serena E., Owner of SRE Business Services LLC
  1. “What I enjoy about servicing the cable communications program is helping the customers. Hopefully they hang up in a better mood than when they called. Changing someone’s day and being able to fix the problem is a great feeling! I would defiantly recommend the cable communications program to other call centers to service.” – Dawn B., Owner of Call on Solutions, Inc.
  1. “I enjoy servicing the cable communications program because we get a variety of calls. Also, we have several support resources to assist us as needed.” – Teretha H., Owner of T Hanse Enterprises Inc.
  1. “I just want to say I love servicing the cable communications program. I enjoy being able to help the customers and help resolve some of their issues. I like the freedom of being able to perform most actions on my own instead of having to constantly go to chat. I get to help put a smile on someone’s face and that’s always a win for me.” – Siobhan W., Owner of Living Word Representatives LLC 
  1. “I truly enjoy working with the cable communications program’s elderly and disabled customers that have cable issues. For many of these customers their cable is their only form of entertainment and staying in touch with the world.  To be able to help them get their picture back on that television brings me a lot of joy.  I have been offered many pies and wish I lived close enough to meet some of the customers, oh and yes enjoy some of those homemade pies.
    Thank you to the cable communications program and the Arise Platform for allowing me this incredible opportunity!” – Curt W., Owner of Direct Biz Solutions LLC
  1. “When I took my first call for the cable communications program I thought it was going to be overwhelming. But the instructor provided me with all the information I needed and there is also a chat room available if you need help. With all of the resources available to me the call went so smoothly. The cable communications program is an awesome opportunity and client to service. The support resources are excellent and they have voluntary information sessions to help you. Just all in all the cable communications program is a great client to service – my top client to service on the Arise Platform!” – Michele E. of Luminous Ways LLC
  1. “I am still servicing the cable communications program with great enthusiasm and a smile every day. I have been taking care of customers for the cable communications program since January 2017. While I am still in the learning stages, I truly enjoy each new day that comes with servicing this client program because of the amount of resources provided for me to succeed. I am competitive and like to be rewarded monetarily for my efforts which makes the cable communications program a wonderful opportunity to fulfill that area of my personality. Taking care of customers and getting incentives for going above and beyond, WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR?!” – Charvi K., Owner of Ascension Consultant Firm LLC
  1. “I enjoying helping the cable communications program’s customers resolve their issues by giving them the best service I can to ensure that they are getting the best value for their dollar.” – Santina H., Owner of Santina Hill LLC
  1. “I have serviced the cable communications program going on about four months now. Initially, I expected a challenge, but as time progressed I began to put the pieces together and realized that certification had prepared me to handle even the tough customer interactions. It’s rewarding to help people understand their bills, their service options and even how to save money with the bundle options offered by the client.” – Kristina W., Owner of W.I.S.E, Women Inspiring Social Entrepreneurs

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