Goodbye, PJs: How to Step Up Your Work-From-Home Fashion

Smiling woman drinking coffee.

We know that working from home can bring out your laziest self. Baggy pants, oversized T-shirts, mismatched socks — trust us, we understand! There’s nothing wrong with being cozy and comfortable — especially if you’re a stay-at-home mom — but it doesn’t mean you have to limit your wardrobe to sweatpants.

Before you open your closet and default to PJs, check out our best tips and tricks for dressing up and feeling good at home.

Find Your Middle Ground 

Let’s be honest… Two of the biggest perks to being a stay-at-home working mom are not having to get ready every day and having the freedom to dress however you want. 

Here’s the truth: You can get away with wearing comfy clothes and putting minimal effort into your look while still looking professional and put together. Your work-at-home wardrobe doesn’t need to be a huge investment either. Look for solid color, well-fitted T-shirts, cardigan sweaters, and stretchy slacks. The key here is to buy a few staple, versatile pieces that you can rely on day in and day out. 

After all, if you’re not ready to squeeze back into jeans for your afternoon work session quite yet, that’s perfectly fine. Find your middle ground where you can feel comfortable throughout the day but also look presentable enough if a video call finds you by surprise. 

A Little Goes a Long Way 

Business casual may not be your go-to look when working from home and watching the kids — and that’s OK. Whether you opt to apply a little bit of makeup in the morning to make yourself look brighter and more awake, or you take a few extra minutes to style your hair in a sleek bun, these small but mighty changes will contribute to a more professional, put-together look, especially if a majority of your remote work is spent in front of a computer or on video calls.

Less Is More 

Whatever you do, don’t spend too much extra money on work clothes. Not having to go into an office should be saving you money, not costing you a whole new wardrobe. Remember: Looking good doesn’t require you to spend an entire paycheck on clothes. It’s smart to rotate through your tops and bottoms every week. There are endless combinations you can make with your clothes.

Make This Your Forever

You think about comfort and flexibility when you’re deciding what to wear every day, so why not consider it when choosing your career? 

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