Incredible Women Entrepreneurs Who Found Success With the Arise® Platform

Incredible Women Entrepreneurs

If you dream about starting your own business, let us be the first to tell you that it’s more than possible! Don’t believe us? Just look at these three successful female entrepreneurs who now run their own customer service support businesses

By registering on the Arise® Platform, they each took their futures into their own hands. They made the jump into entrepreneurship and never looked back. And now they’re more successful than ever.

These women said goodbye to long, early-morning commutes and restricted work schedules. Now they’re in charge and taking advantage of all the benefits that come along with being self-employed, from limitless flexibility and freedom to tons of earning potential. The future is in their hands — and it could be in yours, too!

In honor on Women’s History Month, here’s what three inspirational female business owners have to say about the Arise® Platform:

“Control Your Future”

“I wanted to stay at home with my children and still be productive in helping financially with our family. The Arise® Platform works as a business to business relationship. We provide the people and great customer service, so it’s a perfect balance. It’s you controlling your future. 

— Cindy, Co-Owner and COO KahlCenter, LLC 

Hear more from Cindy here.

“Flexibility and Freedom”

“The flexibility of being able to work when you want to [and] being able to pick your own hours. I love it. The freedom to be with your family and still be able to be successful to work from home. I started this three years ago just to bring in some extra income — now I’m completely doing this full-time, and working on building our dream home. This business is so great because I can schedule my hours and when I work, around my kids. Having access to Fortune 500 companies and the Arise® Platform is untouchable… like none other.” — Terica , President and Chief Executive Officer, TNR Solutions, Inc.

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“I Can Balance My Work Life and My Family Life Perfectly”

“Nine years ago when I started my company, my girls were very young. One in preschool, and one just starting kindergarten. It was wonderful that I was able to adjust my schedule perfectly to meet their needs. I found a way of doing that by creating my own business and using the Arise® Platform. Being my own boss allows me the flexibility of my own personal time, so I can balance my work life and my family life perfectly. What I’m most proud of is that I no longer am at the mercy of others for my professional success — it is in my hands. That is a lesson that I’m most proud of to pass on to my two daughters.” — Liz  

Hear more from Liz here.

You Can Reinvent Your Life, Too

These three women are just a few of the thousands of home-based business owners who have reinvented their life with the Arise® Platform — and you could be next! They set their own hours, enjoy a flexible work-life balance, and earn money from home. Even more fulfilling, they continue to help countless people around the country by offering exceptional customer service and technical support for Fortune 500 brands.

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