Cody B.

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How did you first hear about the Arise® Platform?

I was looking on Google for work from home opportunities because I was tired of going to an office and working 9-5 every day, and Arise came up as the top Google search, so I decided to look at it.

I started servicing the home improvement client, but when the pandemic hit, I had to take a pause and stop servicing. Then when I came back to the platform, I started servicing other client programs.

I’ve been using the platform since 2019. Now here I am in 2023, and I still find it is a great opportunity for anyone interested in working from home on a flexible schedule.

What made you want to own your own business?

I know from my own experience that I had a lot of questions about using the Arise® Platform, and having my own business means I can find agents and support them throughout the process.

So being able to use my experience on the Arise® Platform to help others was important to me.

What do you like most about the programs you service? 

My favorite program right now is the Financial Services client. I definitely enjoy that program!

I have experience in the banking industry, and immediately before using the Arise® Platform, I worked with a major bank in their small business department.

I have also worked in collections for another large bank and handled a lot of outbound calls for them. In fact, when I first started servicing the financial services client, I noticed a lot of my previous experience was similar—and that I could use that experience to take ownership of my work and provide empathy to the customers.

Tell us about a time in which you have made a positive impact on someone’s life because of the customer service you have provided on the Arise® Platform.

With the financial services client, I get to help a lot of awesome customers! I had this one customer a few weeks ago, and he was absolutely amazing—he was an older guy, and he wasn’t very tech savvy.

But I found out he is a military veteran, and I appreciated being able to help him even more because of that. I have a veteran in my household too.

He was not sure what benefits his accounts were eligible for and didn’t know how to access them on one of his credit cards. Not only did I walk him through how to access the benefits on his card, but I showed him how to get a military discount too.

I also showed him how to access other benefits available to him. I feel like I went above and beyond and showed him how to use the benefits offered to him.

After I helped him get set up for the discount, he said, “I don’t know if anyone is listening to these calls, but Cody is the most amazing representative I have ever talked to!”

I found out later that the call got escalated to the client, where the client listened to it and said, “Cody is just the best! Arise is lucky to have him using their platform!”

What’s important to me is taking care of the customer, and at the beginning of the call, he was upset, but at the end, he said his view of the client had changed 100% from what it was in the beginning.

He said, “You’ve changed my mind. I’m not sure what it is about you, but you have changed my mind!”

I’m like, “That’s good to hear! That’s what’s important!”

How do you feel when you provide those experiences for others?

I feel very satisfied to be able to help them and go above and beyond for customers. When I do that, I feel like I’ve accomplished something. At some 9-5 jobs now-a-days, you go there every day, and you think, “Am I really accomplishing anything? Am I making an impact?”

Being able to impact customers’ lives every day is important to me!

How has using the Arise® Platform made an impact in your life?

Just having the flexibility to work my own schedule is outstanding. With some programs—you have availability to service every day—and some of them offer 24/7 servicing. So, with some of these programs, with that kind of flexibility, you can service whenever you want.

Some weeks, I schedule myself to service a lot of hours and some, I schedule less. I love that flexibility—being able to pick my own hours!

As long as I am able to service as many hours as I want and can earn the amount of money I need, I’m good. Other platforms don’t let you do that, and with the Arise® Platform, you can.

The Arise® Platform also enables me to do want I want and go out and enjoy time with family and friends. Just the ability to do that and make your schedule work around what you need is great.

If I have a doctor’s appointment, I can schedule myself to service around that time, and I don’t get in trouble if I do! That’s another thing that I love about the Arise® Platform.

It sounds like you’re remarkably successful on the Arise® Platform. What do you think makes you so successful?

It’s just my overall personality to help other people and be very supportive to everyone I talk to. I just feel that I have the recruiter blood in me. Before using the Arise® Platform, I didn’t have any experience in that.

Using the platform has helped me show off my recruiting efforts to find my own agents, and I’ve learned a lot. I also enjoy helping other Service Partners and Agents who want to start their own business using the platform.

Plus, I encourage my Agents. I go above and beyond to encourage them daily, and a lot of my Agents have signed up to service the financial services client recently. I believe in them to show up and show off each day.

Do you have any advice for anyone who might be new to the Arise® Platform? 

Yes! Honestly, just be very patient with the process. For me, in the very beginning, I was struggling financially, especially around the pandemic.

But don’t give up. It may seem rough, but as you continue, it will be rewarding!

You can service as many programs as you can handle. For me, the max number of programs I have serviced was three—and it was rough [laughs]—but I was able to do it for a while and then switched down to two programs, and now just one—the financial services client. Really, the opportunities are endless for growth through the Arise® Platform.

If you want to grow, the opportunities are there. Just show up, sign on, and service when you schedule yourself!

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