Christan S.

Smiling woman and words "tax" in the lower right.

How did you hear about the Arise® Platform?

I originally served as an agent for a Service Partner for several years until I started my own business last October.

Actually, that Service Partner stopped using the platform recently and wanted to find a good home for her agents, so I accepted them as agents under my business.

What do you like most about the client you service, and why?

I serviced a tax software client, and it was helpful for me.

I was homeschooling my kids, so I loved the flexibility of creating my own schedule too.

Funny thing is, when I first started using the Arise® Platform, I actually had a note on my office door at home that said, “Do not knock on the office door.” That was for my kids [laughs].

But now, my kids are teenagers, and they’ll walk through the house whispering because they know mom is busy in the other room.

I am thinking about signing up for the medical transportation client when it becomes available again.

Tell us about a time when your customer service was great.

The fact is, I love talking to and helping people, which is why I love being a Service Partner.

There are so many people I have helped—I want to help everybody—so it’s hard to think of just one instance that stands out.

But there was this time when I was servicing during a busy tax season. The call volume was high, and I was handling multiple things at once.

But I was an actual user of the tax software, and I knew the client’s system well. I was able to help a man who was stressed navigating through a chat interaction to find something he needed.

I felt like it was a simple resolution, but it wasn’t to him. So, I was glad I was able to help him find what he needed.

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