The Best Work at Home Business

When you think of starting a work-at-home business, whatcomes to mind? Tupperware parties? Trunk shows? Cosmetics sales?  Does that stop your daydreaming in its tracks?
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When you think of starting a work-from-home business, what comes to mind? Tupperware parties? Trunk shows? Cosmetics sales?  Does that stop your daydreaming in its tracks?

We’re happy to report that there are options on the horizon that don’t require selling products or hosting parties. The best work-at-home business currently trending is the type where 1) you are in control of how much you earn and 2) is fulfilling. 

The time-consuming tasks associated with traditional forms of work-from-home ventures (e.g. the afore-mentioned makeup sales, trunks shows, Tupperware sales, etc.), are eliminated when you start a small business in the customer service space. The days of hunting for new leads, event organization, and setup, are out the window – as calls come to you directly in the comfort of your own home.

Inbound customer service can be the best work-at-home business

The rapidly growing work-at-home business solution, customer contact support (providing customer service support to companies from the comfort of your home), can be an ideal small business option. Home-based customer service businesses allow you to apply multiple skill sets, and don’t involve the pressure of sales. Options for entrepreneurs starting work-at-home businesses in the customer service space can range from customer service to tech support and healthcare—there is a niche for almost any specialty!

Virtual customer service isn’t just about being on the phone

A work-at-home business providing customer service keeps things interesting. Whether it be via phone, chat, or email, there is no limit to the unique questions and concerns that your business will encounter. Many small businesses find a niche responding to email inquiries, or providing chat customer service – and when you own your own business there’s no “9 to 5”; customer inquiries are routed strictly on your time, based on the hours that you choose.

Phone support for a roadside assistance or security systems client, for instance, can be done at any time of the day; morning, afternoon, or night. Business hours are constructed on the timetable that you personally set as a business owner to take these incoming calls.

Although there are many trades that can be done from home, the best work-at-home business is one that suits your expertise, enables you to earn money, and above all else, keeps you interested. Working from the comfort of your own home is a trend that has boomed in popularity in recent years, but entrepreneurship is a long-term goal, and traditional avenues of work-at-home businesses, such as makeup sales, or clothing and jewelry trunk shows, are often short-term solutions.  Home-based customer service businesses are a welcome alternative for those seeking a better option.

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