5 Helpful Tips to Master Work-From-Home Life With Kids

How to Get Lucky and Work From Home — For Good!

If you’re a parent working from home, you know how difficult it is to juggle the challenges of work-life balance. After all, with any work from home business, work and life take place under the same roof, blurring the line between one’s professional and personal life. 

Most parents are familiar with handling their daily workload in a kid-free zone, so when mom or dad makes the switch to work from home, the new reality of parenting, managing the household, and dedicating time to home based work requires adjustments.  

Although it’s not always easy, working from home offers limitless flexibility, more time spent with your family, and most importantly — independence, especially if you choose the right home business endeavor. Hint: The Arise® Platform is a great place to start!

Looking to master the work-from-home hustle with kids? 

Don’t panic — check out these excellent tips to help you stay productive and fulfilled as a work-from-home parent

1.Create Your Routine Around Your Children’s Schedule 

When a work at home business venture comes your way, your first step should be to make your routine your best friend! Mapping out your daily activities and weekly to-dos will make working and parenting simultaneously a lot less intimidating. Plus, it will provide you with structure for what your days will look like. 

You can eat breakfast with your kids and work while they are in school, or work while they are sleeping, or after you eat dinner together. 

The beauty of being your own boss and working from home is that you are able to create your own schedule, work at times that are the most convenient for you, and tweak the schedule as needed. 

2.Make the Most Out of Nap (or Play) Time! 

If you have small children who take their nap at the same time every day, plan to be your most productive during that period. Be strategic and schedule tasks that require your utmost focus to take place at the same time your child is occupied.

It’s also important to have activities and toys ready. Whether they’re taking a nap or drawing in a coloring book, making the most out of this prime window of downtime is the key to getting chunks of work done with peace and quiet. 

3.Create a Productive Workspace  

Creating your own workspace, whether it be a home office or even just a desk in a separate room, will help you stay focused and avoid distractions, such as dirty dishes in the sink or errands around the house. 

Remember: Having a space designated just for work will aid you in distinguishing your parent role during the hours you choose to work, which is a major perk of signing up for the Arise® Platform. You don’t need to isolate yourself from your children — you simply need to create a workspace that is optimal in order to stay on task.  

4.Maximize Your Work Day  

 Whether you become an early riser and start work in the wee hours of the morning or you choose to work the graveyard shift after you’ve put your children to bed, adjust your schedule to work when you’re most productive. 

The best part about providing at home customer service through the Arise® Platform is that you can select client programs that fit your schedule, whatever that looks like!

5.Give Yourself a Break 

That’s right! When you start your own business from home, you’ll realize that working from home is unpredictable — and interruptions from your children are something that’s normal and expected. So on days where you can’t afford to lose your focus, remember to give yourself a break — whether that takes the form of tweaking your schedule to work a little less one day and more another, or simply reminding yourself that being your own boss also means taking care of yourself (and your children!) — and that’s already a win!

 With a little bit of structure, planning ahead, and flexibility – mastering working from home will become easier than you ever thought possible.  

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