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When the first snow falls and you’re preparing for the holidays, winter seems like a magical wonderland. But at some point, the novelty wears off. The holidays are over, the days are shorter, the weather is colder. Sooner or later, winter gets to you. The last thing you feel like doing when it’s 20 degrees and a blizzard is predicted, is drive to work.

People who work outside the home have to layer themselves in synthetics, scrape the ice off the car windshield, leave earlier than usual and pray traffic doesn’t bring the morning commute to a screeching halt. 

Of course, when you work from home, all this hassle is avoided. For example, as a business owner using the Arise® Platform, your commute is down the hall, your attire is whatever feels good that day, and you have total control over when you work.  
But even in this dreamy situation, it’s tough to stay motivated when the house is sealed up and it’s dark before dinner. Here are some tips for staying motivated:


Find your Secret Sauce
Perhaps it’s a particular song, a comfy office setting or time of day…find what motivates you, gets you in a work groove and run with it. 


Get outside

Your house can become a bunker. Try not to hole up. Join a club, volunteer at the kids’ school, have lunch with friends – anything that breaks up the routine of being indoors.

Have a dance party in your living room with the kids, join a gym or take a Zumba class. Whatever you decide, be active. Exercise increases endorphins and lifts your mood. Suddenly, that white stuff piling up outdoors doesn’t bother you quite as much.
Shake up your work hours

Work at night and try and get out during the daylight (this is easy when you are a business owner using the Arise® Platform – you can schedule when you want to work, up to ½ hour increments, 24/7.
Count your blessings

Working for yourself is, for many, the ultimate dream. You are comfy at home, while others are riding through darkness after a long day of working in a building flooded with artificial fluorescent lights.

So when those winter blues set in, remember, you’re luckier than most. If you are still schlepping into the office on cold winter days, and looking for a change, consider a career as a business owner using the Arise® Platform. Register today!


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