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When serving their country, most veterans transitioning to civilian life say their service gave them a completely new perspective on what they are capable of. It also gives them an edge in their post-service careers.

If you are veteran, you are uniquely prepared to succeed in opening a small business due to important business skills you’ve honed during your military service. In fact, entrepreneurs and veterans are similar in many ways.
The characteristics you learned are equivalent with those that entrepreneurs and business leaders possess: discipline, leadership, responsibility, tenacity, commitment and organization. Skills that come naturally to veterans – commitment toward setting and achieving goals, perseverance, willingness to take on great challenges and seeing opportunities instead of risks – are the foundation of any successful business owner.
Statistics support the fact that the 24 million American veterans are succeeding in their post-military life with careers as small business owners:
  • 1 in 10 small businesses nationwide are veteran-owned (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs)
  • Collectively, vets own 2.4 million small businesses (Forbes)
  • Small business run by veterans employ almost six million Americans (Forbes)
  • They generate more than $1.2 trillion in receipts (Data from the U.S. Census Bureau)
  • In the private sector workforce, veterans are 45 percent more likely than those with no active-duty military experience to be self-employed (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs)

If you are a veteran looking for the right small business opportunity, consider Arise, a network of independent, primarily work-at-home businesses who use the Arise® Platform to deliver call center services, including customer service, sales and technical support to Fortune 500 clients.

As a business owner who registers your company with Arise, you will enjoy the flexibility of earning a living while working-from-home  (or on the road), being your own boss and having the potential to grow your business – even if you are still serving.

Now that you’re not thousands of miles away from family, working from home affords you the luxury of participating – rather than missing – life’s important moments while still earning an income. It’s the ideal work-life balance for former military personnel. Even if you are still on active duty, because Arise’s infrastructure platform is virtual, having a small business in the Arise Network is a career that moves with you. As your own boss, you schedule your own hours and decide how much or how little you work.
This is an opportunity that’s ideal for veterans. Join the millions of vets who have established their own small business and find the freedom, flexibility and financial success you deserve. Register today!

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