Terica B.

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How did you hear about the Arise® Platform?

I heard about the Arise® Platform when I saw a billboard while living in Miami, so I went online to read about it and thought of it as a movie review.

Everybody might not like the movie, but you have to experience it for yourself, and I was absolutely pleased with what I saw: There were so many options to service Fortune 500 companies!

And for the past 12 years, I have been running my own company—TNR Solutions—on the Arise® Platform.

Are you currently servicing any client programs?

Yes, I am currently servicing a program—It’s the gas and electric energy client—and I am an instructor and a chat PF as well.

It’s one of the newest clients that launched, and I’ve been successful at servicing this client since December.

What do you like most about the gas and electric energy client program?

I love the fact that I am able to help everyday people just like me use their appliances. I can really relate to it. It’s people who want to keep their energy on, and I love that the client itself offers so many options to help customers. The client’s backup systems are also very user-friendly and easy on the eyes for those providing service. That’s what I love the most.

What do you like most about using the Arise® Platform?

When I first joined the platform, I just loved all the options that I could choose from and the fact that I could become certified from the comfort of my own home.

Back then, my sons were just babies. One was in diapers, and one was a toddler. Fast-forward to now, they are teenagers, and all they know is that mom was able to work from home when they were sick.

I didn’t have to call off. I could adjust my schedule accordingly, and I’ve been able to be in their life every step of the way. The options and having the ability to be with my children are what really appealed to me when I first started—and of course, even now.

How would you describe the typical experience for someone servicing the gas and electric energy client program?

The typical experience for me—and I would say this is the same for a lot of people—is that it’s exciting!

It’s something new you’re tapping into that you’ve never experienced before. It’s going to be an adjustment because you might have to adjust your schedule a bit since you’re working from home and keeping a quiet environment, but that comes with good time management and making sure your household is prepared.

Then you begin a new experience of balance—because, for me, I was able to balance working from home, being a mom, and doing other outside activities. So much has changed in my life since I started working from home.

There are great opportunities to grow and expand your business too. As long as you provide outstanding customer service, there are possibilities on the Arise® Platform.

How has the Arise® Platform helped you grow professionally?

It has absolutely helped me grow in the ways that I provide customer service.

I focus more on building rapport, showing empathy, anticipating customer needs, actively listening, and focusing on creating a first call resolution.

I’ve been able to grow in my customer service—and even grow financially—because of my use of the Arise® Platform and my different opportunities.

How has the Arise® Platform impacted your ability to grow personally?

It has helped me grow personally because of my work from home journey—and just sticking to it! You have to be persistent.

There are ups and downs with everything; nothing is perfect! But I would have to say that the Arise® Platform—and owning my own business—has been the best decision for me.

Because of this—and my husband’s hard work too—I was even able to purchase my brand-new home!

We were able to relocate—we still live in Florida—but in 2019 we were able to build our new home from the ground up: 5 bedrooms, 2 and a half baths—with loft.

Has there ever been a time when you feel you’ve really impacted somebody by providing customer service?

There have definitely been several because I have serviced quite a few different clients over twelve years.

But I can think of a recent one where I was handling payment information for a single mom. At first, she just thought her services were going to be cut off, but the client I was servicing made it possible to offer a payment arrangement for her.

She was shocked because she didn’t think she had any other options.

I could tell she had kids in the background and was really struggling, but I was able to offer her that payment arrangement, find something that would work for her, and help her keep her gas service on—so I know I impacted her.

She was so relieved and said, “Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!”

What does it feel like when you are able to make these connections with customers over the phone?

Well, I’m a people person, and I pride myself in creating a first call resolution, so I am not worried when they call and they’re unhappy at first because I know I have my systems to solve their problems—and a chat PF for extra support.

The key is to build rapport and provide empathy because I think, “What if that was me?”

I would want someone to understand where I am coming from and understand my issue—not put me on hold—and actively listen. 

I pride myself in doing that every day that I service—whether that is on chat, as an instructor, or just servicing the client itself. I really get enjoyment out of it because I genuinely love solving problems and helping others.

Can you tell me a little bit more about how flexibility and using the Arise® Platform has helped you pursue your own interests and hobbies?

With my creative side, I have always been a writer, and I am a musician by heart—I’ve even had my own female band before. Creative writing has always been my way to express myself, and I have been able to really pursue that and publish books because I have had the time to do so. By servicing client programs on the Arise® Platform, I have been able to hone into that because my schedule is flexible enough where I can really focus on it.

I don’t have writers block anymore. I did at one point but not anymore. Now my mind is free. Guess what? I’m not stressed anymore.

Servicing on the Arise® Platform has removed the stress from my life—and you know, I am just happy and in a happy place.

Do you have any advice for those who are new to the Arise® Platform or who are interested in using it?

The Arise® Platform has really changed my life. I went from being single to being married. Now I have a home, I have all of my sons here with me. It’s great! When they leave the house, I say, “See you later kids!” And I get to just walk upstairs and just log in.

I joke with my husband and say, “I’m going to get my purse and walk WAY upstairs to log in to service.” He has to drive 45 minutes away because he is a truck driver, but it’s a cute little inside joke that we have with each other, and it works with our family dynamic.

I cannot see myself working at a brick-and-mortar company anymore—I’m spoiled. I’m used to the flexibility, the options, to be able to pick when I want to work—I don’t know what it’s like to work at a brick-and-mortar company, fight the traffic, and buy lunch.

My advice to anyone interested is to not listen to the naysayers. Don’t judge it based off what you see online. Just do it, and you will not regret it. You will find that the Arise® Platform is exactly what you need to open your life because it did for me. My life is open. My life is free. I have flexibility. I have options—and I have grown. My kids have literally grown from three to four years old to now teenagers (one is in middle school, the other three are in high school).

Partnering with the Arise® Platform is life changing. If you want your life to change in a good way, take the chance. You will not regret it! If I could do it—anybody can!

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