Peak Season is Peeking Around the Corner! Is Your Business Ready?

Fourth Quarter for many industries, especially retailers, is what is known as “Peak Season”.  Peak Season is the last opportunity to ensure that companies are achieving their financial revenue goals for the year, combined with the busy holiday shopping season.  Small business owners should also seize the opportunity that Peak Season brings to help them achieve their company’s business goals.  If you had not thought about planning for Peak Season, here are some considerations that you can make to help you maximize your company’s revenue earning opportunity.

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Just because you are a small business owner does not mean that you do not have access to ride the high tide waves of Peak Season.  The last three months of the year are a busy time across a variety of industries, especially retailers, personal technology product companies, telecommunications companies and even companies in the travel industry.  Which means that if you are already an independent business vendor in contract with Arise you are one step ahead of the rest!

As a call center company owner, here are some considerations to help your company maximize its revenue earning potential during Peak Season.

1.       Your available resources.  You have to identify your available resources, or agents, and check as to whether they have an active client project.  This is a great opportunity to tap into resources such as retirees or stay-at-home parents that were care-takers during the summer.  With the kids back in school and the holidays looming sooner than expected, they now have available time and motivation to help your company achieve its fourth quarter goals while servicing Arise client projects.

2.       Keep up to date on available client projects posted.  To ensure that your company does not miss out on a single opportunity, be sure to check the Portal daily to see what new client opportunities are posted.  Additionally, think about the skill set of each of your agents and try to guide them into the opportunity that they will be most successful at.  For example, if you have an agent that is tech savvy, one of the telecommunications client projects could be a great match.  Or perhaps you have an agent whose customer service orientation is superb – they would be perfect on a retail program helping other consumer’s holiday dreams come true!

3.       Stay close to your CSPs throughout the season.  As a business owner you have many end-of-year deadlines coming at you fast and furious.  However, you cannot complete disconnect from your agents.  Remember, small business owners typically wear many hats, from CEO, accountant, marketer, recruiter AND coach.  Be sure that you understand the performance measurement for the client projects that your agents are servicing – and ensure that you also check their stats on a routine basis.  This will help you reinforce positive behaviors and correct behaviors that are keeping them from achieving their very best performance.

Remember, the better your agents perform the better your company as a whole performs, thereby maximizing YOUR company’s revenue earning potential..

If you are call center company owner, or you have always dreamt of being your own boss and starting your own company, there is still time for you to register to use the Arise® Platform and service a client project to take advantage of Peak Season. Learn more here  .

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