How Do You Know if Owning Your Own Business is Right for You?

The innovations that have occurred in the last few decades have impacted greatly how, when and where work gets done.  It has also opened up more opportunities for individuals outside of traditional employment.  Those who have chosen to take the path of becoming the owner their own company often work-from-home.  Here are some of the attributes that enable them to be successful.

Business Couple

So you are tired of the same old grind.  You get up, get dressed – and if you are a parent you have to get your kids ready too – then you fight traffic and finally get to your workplace and already feel stressed and overwhelmed.  And that was just getting ready for the day!  Now you are in the office for anywhere from 8 to 10 hours in which you are overly stressed, and on the verge of a mental breakdown.  Or perhaps you are bored with your role and you know that opportunities for advancement are practically nil.  These are no longer the glory days of the baby boomers where you would be fighting to join any role in corporate America and gratefully give your employer decades of loyalty and commitment.

Thankfully, the technology innovations that have occurred over the last few decades have completely changed how work gets done.  Additionally, this is the age of the solopreneur – an individual who owns a company but is the sole employee.  These solopreneurs work in a variety of ways – some may be freelance graphic artists, consultants, work-from-home-service providers, etc.  An important statistic to note is that per the Small Business Administration, 52% of small businesses in the U.S. are based out of the home.  So outside of the obvious benefits:  no more commute time, greater flexibility, less costs associated with eating out, etc. – how do you know that owning your own company and working from home would be right for you?

If you think that you have distractions at the office… owning your own company and working from a home office can create a whole new set of challenges and distractions that can deter you from staying focused.  Those distractions become especially difficult if you are also a stay-at-home-parent or taking care of elderly parents.  When you own your own business you have the flexibility to decide your schedule to help you achieve your priorities.  Therefore one of the most foundational qualities that an individual must have if they are looking to go into business for themselves is discipline.  Being disciplined about your schedule will ensure that you stay on track to achieve your business goals each day.

Individuals who have a high sense of personal drive and accountability are also more successful in making the jump to owning their own company, especially if they choose to base their business from home.  These qualities are important because there is no “boss” to hold you accountable for or supervise your work.  You are the one that has to drive yourself to ensure that you are meeting your goals, organize yourself to manage your time appropriately, become educated on what it means to own a home-based business and even what opportunities exist.  For example, Arise Virtual Solutions partners with call center company owners, here in the U.S., to provide customer contact services to some of the most globally known brands; to get started register here.

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