Felecia O.

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How did you hear about the Arise® Platform?

I heard about it in 2016. I had twins and was looking for work from home opportunities, and that’s where I started. 

What do you like most about using the Arise® Platform?

I loved joining the platform because it gives you flexibility as a stay-at-home mom.  

The flexibility and the different programs to work with. Those are the two things I love most about the Arise® Platform—oh, and the fact that you’re able to pick your own schedule and when you want to work. 

That’s what works best for me. I did put Arise on hold for a little while too during the pandemic and came back in 2022. 

Are you currently servicing any programs, and what clients have you serviced?

I have serviced the home solutions client, the travel exchange client, and the tax software client.

The home solutions and travel exchange programs are my favorites. They are really, really good programs to service.  

What is it like to provide service for the home solutions program?

I love the fact that you talk to different people and are able to assist them. You can have conversations that you never really have on a daily basis, especially since you’re not seeing people—you’re just at home. 

I also love helping others resolve their problems. 

It’s a joy at the end of the day when I feel accomplished, being thanked for helping the customer and knowing I did great. 

What advice would you give to someone who may be interested in using the Arise® Platform?

I would say you need to be motivated to assist the customers, find the right tools, and provide them with the information they need. 

I always ask people, “Did I answer all of your questions?” or “Is there anything else I can assist you with?” 

It brings me joy to assist them and know I’ve helped them with everything they needed—maybe even more. 

How has your use of the Arise® Platform improved your personal life?

Well, I’m the mother of five kids!  

I go to school part-time and then work a flexible schedule using the Arise® Platform in between. 

I love being able to pick up an hour here and there, take a break, service a couple more hours, fix dinner, put the kids to bed and still be able to come back and service some more.  

I’m able to service a good number of hours in between everything else I have going on.  

So for me, the flexibility is very accommodating to my personal life.

How has your use of the Arise® Platform improved your professional life?

Well, I’m originally from Jamaica, and I was thrilled when I heard the platform was available there.  

I have referred a good number of people to the platform and have been in contact with them as they got started. 

I look forward to using the platform for many, many years to come. 

Tell us about a time in which you have made a positive impact on someone’s life because of the customer service you have provided on the Arise® Platform.

I had a customer who called in because she had a leak at home and wanted to request service right away to avoid water damage. 

Unfortunately, we didn’t have an appointment available until a few days later, and of course, she was upset. But I empathized with her and told her I had a similar experience, and that I could walk her through the steps to shut off her main water source.  

It took a little extra time, and she was surprisingly calm, but once we accomplished that she was super happy and patient enough to wait for the appointment we scheduled. 

What do you think makes you so successful when using the Arise® Platform?

I think it’s my prior experience and my energy. 

I strive to use all my energy to provide the best customer service I can. 

I’m always friendly, I like to talk to people, and I’m a great listener. 

You also need to be motivated. 

If you love something, you’re going to make sure you’re good at it.

That’s what I’m good at—so I excel at it—and that’s what makes me so successful! 

Do you have any advice for those who are new to the Arise® Platform and/or the program you service?

Do your due diligence to get as much information in advance about the platform.  

This way, you know what you’re dealing with—and what the expectations are.  

Get your computer and set up your home office. This will be for your benefit when you are first starting out. 

And just be prepared, be patient, and love what you do!

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