Can You Keep a Secret?

Confidentiality matters.  This article discusses the importance of maintaining confidentiality obligations when Independent Businesses join the Arise Network. 


“Trust is the glue of life.  It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication.  It’s the fundamental principle that holds all relationships.”  ~Stephen Covey

Before registering to use the Arise® Platform, all call center company owners (and their agents) sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.   A Non-Disclosure Agreement is a contract through which you agree not to disclose information relating to Arise or its clients – including client names and logos – to third parties.
Arise currently boasts a roster of over 20 clients – including several Fortune 500 companies. Many call center company owners often ask why Arise is not at liberty to disclose a list of clients publicly.  The simple fact is that many of these clients wish to keep their business relationships confidential.  This confidentiality obligation extends to the call center companies that use the Arise® Platform and includes disclosure on websites and in any other public forums.

In fact, any information that is provided to you, as a call center company owner, to your company, or to your agents by Arise or its clients or otherwise in connection with your company’s provision of services to Arise must be kept confidential and not shared with anyone.  Confidentiality obligations are also included in the Master Services Agreement and each Statement of Work you sign on behalf of your company.  Maintaining these confidentiality obligations is a vital aspect of the business-to-business relationship between Arise and your company.  Disclosing client names and logos on business websites and otherwise is in direct violation of a company’s MSA with Arise.

For those companies wanting to do business with Arise, it is important to remember that Arise maintains a strict no-exception policy in deference to our clients’ desire to protect their confidential information and to maintain the confidentiality of their business relationships.  Your company plays a huge part in helping Arise and its clients maintain their confidential information.  As the owner of your company, you should consistently do your part to make sure that you, as well as your Client Support Professionals, are always compliant with confidentiality requirements.  You should also keep a lookout for potential possible violations by your Client Support Professionals and report these issues to your Arise business contact immediately.

Arise strives to maintain a great professional relationship with all the call center companies using the Arise® Platform. This is why we have put together this partner site, as well as many helpful documents like the IBO Guide, which can be found right here on this site. We encourage anyone interested in starting their own business to do their research so that they are fully informed.

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