4 Black Business Entrepreneurs Who Found Success on the Arise® Platform

4 Black Business Entrepreneurs Who Found Success on the Arise® Platform

If you’ve ever considered starting your own small business but you’re worried about not having the start-up capital or knowledge to do so, the Arise® Platform is the game changer you’ve been waiting for.

Just look at these incredible entrepreneurs as proof. By registering on the Arise® Platform, they quickly transformed their lives, taking control of their future and becoming their own boss. From feeling empowered and meeting new people, to finally building a dream home, the Arise® Platform provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to control their destiny, at their fingertips. 

In honor of Black History Month, here’s what four successful Black business owners have to say about the Arise® Platform:

“It feels empowering”

“Instead of working for another company, I wanted to have something of my own. My business was easy to start, the platform was user-friendly, and after you partner with Arise, they provided the Fortune 500 companies for you. The Arise® Platform has definitely benefited our community. We do provide work-from-home opportunities for those that are unemployed, underemployed, supplement income, for new moms who want to be home with their child. It definitely feels empowering.” — Teri James, Chief Executive Officer of Kingdom Impressions Ink, LLC. 

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“They’re always there for you”

“My calling was always technical support. During the certification process, the instructors are very much involved. They are very entertaining, very educational, and they make sure you understand the need of being the best you can be. The good thing about the Arise technical support team is that they’re 24/7. I’ve never had a program problem or system error that I could not fix. They’re always there for you.” — James C. Studaway, President, JLS Virtual Staffing LLC.

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“I get to enjoy the important things in life”

“Being my own boss allows me to work when I want, and it also gives me the flexibility to enjoy the important things in life. It’s been a game changer for me.” — Kirsten Barnes, Owner, Kirsten & Associates LLC. 

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“I’m working on building my dream home”

“I started this three years ago just to bring in some extra income, [and] now I’m completely doing this full-time, and working on building our dream home. This business is so great because I’m about to actually schedule my hours, schedule when I work, around my kids. Having access to Fortune 500 companies and Arise’s platform and the technology that they provide, is untouchable, like none other.” — Terica Roberts, President and Chief Executive Officer, TNR Solutions, Inc. 

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Consider the Potential

These Service Partners on the Arise® Platform found success by becoming their own boss. Through setting their own hours, enjoying a flexible schedule, and working from home, they’ve transformed their lives forever. What’s more, they’ve helped thousands of people by offering inbound support, customer service, and technical support for Fortune 500 brands.


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