Calling All Teachers –

It’s Time for a Lesson in Earning Extra Money From Home



The days are longer, the temperatures are higher and you’re spending your days by the pool instead of in the classroom. Yep – it’s officially summer!


During the school year, you dedicate yourself to teaching and mentoring the next generation. From the moment you arrive at school in the early morning, to the second the bell rings at the end of class, you’re laser-focused on your students. As a teacher, you’re an expert at listening and communicating — those skills serve as the foundation of any teaching job.


But when class is out and your students are gone, you find yourself wanting more. Especially during the summer, when the days are longer and the temperatures are higher.


Working as a teacher is what fulfills you the most. But between grading papers and drawing up lesson plans, you would like to find part-time work to keep you busy — and maybe even earn some extra money.


Forget settling for the usual summer gig. Explore part time online work for teachers by launching your own small customer support business and signing up to use the Arise® Platform. Consider this your chance to explore your entrepreneurial spirit and earn flexible income from the comfort of your home whenever your schedule allows — in the summer, after school, and any other time in between.


Here is everything you need to know about part time online customer support work for teachers.


What Other Gigs Can Teachers Do Besides Teaching?


School might be out, but your paychecks should keep coming in. Beyond summer vacation, maybe you have discovered a love for working from home. As most teachers were challenged with online learning in 2020, many discovered they prefer to work from home. Now, as schools are beginning to reopen, and teachers are being asked to return to the classroom, many of them want another option — whether for safety reasons or simply because they discovered a newfound love for the freedom and flexibility that working from home brings.


If this sounds like you, use the skills you’ve honed in the classroom, and take the time to invest in yourself by creating a virtual small business and signing up to use the Arise® Platform.


By creating and running your own customer service support business on the Arise® Platform, you’ll leverage your exceptional communication skills and listening abilities to provide top-notch customer service for companies across the country.


When you sign up to use the Arise® Platform, the platform makes work from home opportunities a win-win by providing you with limitless flexibility, allowing you to work when it’s best for you and on your own terms.


Benefits of the Arise® Platform: Part Time Online Customer Support Work for Teachers


If you’re a teacher with a bachelor’s degree who has experience following lesson plans in a classroom filled with kids, then operating your own customer support business will be easy as ever!


Though most small business opportunities require leaving the house and running an in-person operation, registering to use the Arise® Platform is a small business opportunity unlike anything else. It’s perfect for those in search of part time online work for teachers.


There’s no limit to what you can accomplish on the Arise® Platform — whether you’re looking to become a solopreneur and work when you’re not teaching, or maybe transition away from the classroom entirely and offer customer service all the time as your own boss. The possibilities are flexible and endless.


No matter what your situation might be, the Arise® Platform can help you achieve your personal and financial goals by paving the way for you to become a small business owner and work at home.


Just imagine a work opportunity you can do while keeping your normal schedule intact — work that doesn’t require you to sacrifice your love of teaching.


Advantage at a Glance


Register for the Arise® Platform and provide customer service from home whenever your schedule allows.

Support some of the largest companies in the world as a customer service agent. The best part? You don’t answer to anyone! You’re the boss here, giving you complete control — including when, where, and how much you want to work.

Work at home – No commute! No clothes to buy! No pressure to leave teaching behind!

It’s easier than you think to get started!


Best of all, as your own boss, you can schedule your work around your life so you can still lounge by the pool, travel and spend time with friends and family during your time off from school!


How to Take Advantage of Part Time Online Work for Teachers


By launching your own customer service from home business, and using the Arise® Platform, you’ll be steps away from being able to say you’re officially a boss! Plus, you’ll be well on your way to working for yourself, earning money from the convenience of your own home, choosing your own hours, and enjoying a flexible schedule by providing customer service and support — all the while remaining a teacher.


Get Started Now!


  • The first order of business is to register your business. If you already have an incorporated entity, you’re already ahead of the game! If not, check out the resources below that show you the steps needed to incorporate a business in your state.
  • Once you have a company Employer Identification Number (EIN), you can register your business to gain access to the Arise® Platform.
  • Business Resources


Learn about the 5 step registration process


Before you get started, you’re likely to have questions running through your head: How does the sign up process work? What do I need to do? You also probably wish there was someone you could ask for advice, someone who knows the Arise® Platform inside and out. No need to be overwhelmed: The Arise® Platform has resources to help.


Get your questions answered here


Sign up to use the Arise® Platform today, and start working from home when you’re not in the classroom!



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