Here’s what retirees need to know about at-home working opportunities


We know the experience of transitioning to retirement can be life-changing, both in exciting and nerve-wracking ways. But taking that step doesn’t need to include inactivity or boredom, especially if you’re someone who enjoys working, staying busy, and earning money.


Retirement can be one of the most exciting and liberating times of your life, with fewer responsibilities and more time to do what you love. Consider it a fresh start with more benefits than you can even imagine — something far greater than scaling back your professional or work life. It’s an opportunity to adopt a brand-new lifestyle within your community — and maybe even find interesting ways to earn extra money in the process.


There are so many benefits to retiring and becoming a member of this special club! There’s the freedom and flexibility, with the ability to come and go as you please; the opportunity to spend more time with family and maybe the grandkids (or granddogs!); sleep in or hang out — whatever you want to do with your time, with zero work obligations. You even have time for something you may have always wanted to do, like start your own business.


Even so, after retirement, you might miss the busyness of your old life. You might still crave connection. After building a lifetime of knowledge and expertise, the urge to do meaningful work from home may outweigh the urge to sleep in. You may want to pad the retirement nest egg. Whatever your reason, there is a solution you may want to consider.


The Arise® Platform is an online portal that connects you to remote customer service opportunities with big-name brands. The Platform technology allows you to securely work from home when and how you want, while you’re earning money you can put toward retirement, hobbies, or travel.


Imagine a work-from-home opportunity that fits into your new way of life and aligns with your new goals.


If you’re considering a return to work (even a partial return) after retirement, the Arise® Platform can be a vital part of your plan to live your best life. Engagement, opportunity, and earnings — an excellent combination at any stage in life!


Once you decide to make it official and sign up for the Arise® Platform, you’ll be better positioned to live out your dreams!



You won’t believe these numbers…


For some, working through retirement is a dream. For others, it’s a necessity. Unfortunately, when some adults hit the average retirement planning age, they were unable to start saving for their golden years, which is why many must continue working through this new stage of life.


In fact, an average of 22% of U.S. adults have less than $5,000 saved for retirement, while another 15% have no savings at all, according to a recent research study from Northwestern Mutual. To make matters more complicated, an average of 45% of survey respondents believe there’s a good chance they’ll outlive the savings they do have — meaning they will have no choice but to work.


That’s why it comes at no surprise that more people anticipate working past the age of 70, according to research by the American Advisors Group (AAG). The survey also discovered that a significant percentage of U.S. older adults are no longer seeking a work-free retirement experience. Nearly half (46%) said they plan on working part-time or picking up a side job during their retirement.


These numbers are a sobering wake-up call to many. If you’re not sure how to optimize your financial situation, a financial planner might help guide you through this significant life transition. If you want your retirement to be smooth sailing but aren’t sure where to start, the right financial planner will advise you on the most effective way to maximize your income, which may include a conversation about working during retirement.

If you’re great with numbers, have always been frugal, and think that you can handle your retirement savings on your own, you may not need a financial planner. But if you feel clueless about getting your finances in order, then a financial planner can remedy those issues and help you take advantage of work opportunities that will fit into your lifestyle — something like the Arise® Platform.



No time left to save as much as you need?

Your financial wellbeing is important, and you don’t want to make the mistake of living outside of your means — especially during retirement. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Make the most of this season of life by spending quality time with family and friends, while also indulging in activities you enjoy.


If you’re among the retirees who have not saved enough, consider a flexible work-from-home opportunity. For example, the Arise® Platform is a virtual platform service that allows users to provide customer support from home.


All you need is an internet connection, a computer, and a willingness to offer exceptional service for the platform’s many client opportunities.


Ready to dive back into work?


If you’re ready to dive back into work, make sure the opportunity supports what’s most important to you. Whether it’s supplementing income, flexibility to enjoy family, travel, and hobbies, or just staying connected with the world — whatever it is, don’t settle for less should you decide to start working again!


The right work opportunity will offer flexibility — no rigid schedule that takes you away from your family and friends, health and wellness, and personal passions. You want the freedom to create a routine around your retirement schedule, giving you the power to pick and choose what each day looks like.


The right gig will be remote — no more long commutes, no sitting in traffic, no waking up and jetting to work extra early. Work from the comfort of your own home without the extra hassle. (That’s one of the biggest benefits of the platform!)


And most importantly, the right work opportunity will give retirees the chance to monetize your skills at home — leverage what you’re good at and build a business around it. With your life experience, you’re likely an expert problem solver, communicator, and listener. Use all of those working skills to your benefit from the comfort and safety of home!


Start working on the Arise® Platform


Working after retirement doesn’t mean you need to commit to a job. The Arise® Platform offers many flexible options for those who want to earn money by working as much — or as little — as they want, from the comfort of home.


If you’re a retiree looking to pull in some extra cash with flexible work, or you have a knack for business and want to spend your time working on your own terms, there’s a gig that can work for you: the Arise® Platform.


Work from home and live your best life as a flexible customer service representative


Are you tech-savvy? Do you enjoy talking to people and working independently? Consider an at-home, remote side gig by launching your own business and working via the Arise® Platform. With this, your future is just a few clicks away.


When you register for the Arise® Platform, you can build and operate your own customer service business to offer support from home whenever your schedule allows.


You’ll support some of the largest companies in the world — and the best part is you don’t answer to anyone! This is your home business, which means you’re the boss, giving you complete control — including when, where, and how much you want to work.You can even hire a team of agents to work for your business too, increasing your overall earning potential even more.


Whether you’re working as a sole proprietor at home or an agent working for a business registered on the Arise® Platform,  you’re well on your way to earning money from the convenience of your own home, choosing your own hours, and enjoying flexible benefits by providing customer service and support — all the while enjoying your best years.


Make health your top priority and start flexible work


The road to retirement doesn’t have to loom in the shadows as something scary or mysterious. You have all the tools you need to turn your retirement experience dreams into reality, more so if you’re open to finding a work at home opportunity that fits your new lifestyle.


What’s more, if you’ve already made it to retirement and finally have all the time in the world, you might be wondering, “Now what? I want to work again!”


Just because you’re retired at home doesn’t mean you need to completely abandon your work life. This might be the best time for you to be your own boss once with a home work opportunity.


The Arise® Platform is perfect for retirees who want to work and make extra money from home during this new season of life. Even better, when you work at home via the platform, you’ll have the chance to get other retirees involved.



Winning seniors: Customer service workers from anywhere


If you’re one of the thousands of seniors who need to find flexible work in order to live comfortably at home during retirement, take comfort in knowing there are work at home opportunities perfect for your new stage of life — and one of the absolute best is the Arise® Platform.


Though there are many work-at-home gigs that provide flexibility and earning potential benefits, there’s nothing comparable to investing in yourself and launching a customer support business at home on the platform.


No need to drive or shop for strangers in your community. This work at home experience will allow you to tap into your entrepreneurial spirit, pursue success, and take advantage of the many benefits — all from the comfort of your home.



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