PC Scan


This check determines if your computer meets the unique technical requirements that you must meet in order to use client-required software to service the opportunity you are enrolling in.


IMPORTANT: This check can be performed with only a computer running Microsoft Windows and either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome browser.


What do you need to do before running the PC Scan?
• Close all other applications start from a fresh system reboot
• Clear cache/cookies
• Try a different browser
• Reboot modem/router
• Ensure hard-wired and network is not in use by other devices for best results
• PC Scan does not run on a Mac


How do you run the PC Scan?
Step by step directions

Once the scan is complete, your results will display and look similar to the image below.


What does it mean if you failed one or more of the specifications and what do you need to do to correct the failing result(s)?


CPU – The PC’s processor is not compatible and cannot be used to contract with Arise. You will need a computer with a supported processor (CPU), see page 3.

Internet Download Speed – As speeds can fluctuate at times, please try to reboot your modem/router and test again.

Internet Upload Speed – As speeds can fluctuate at times, please try to reboot your modem/router and test again.
o If you are not getting the minimum required upload/download speeds, you will need to contact your Internet Service Provider to upgrade.

Network Latency Max – Ensure you are on hard-wired connection via Ethernet and not WiFi. Reboot the modem/router and try again.
o Contact your Internet Service Provider for further assistance with latency.

OS – Your operating system (OS) is not compatible with the Arise® Platform. You will need to update your computer with a supported OS, please see page 3 for supported operating systems.

RAM – The RAM on your computer is not supported. The PC’s RAM can be upgraded. (Additional RAM added to the system) without any issue. You may need to contact a local technician for upgrading your RAM.
o You will need a computer with additional RAM or reach out to a local computer technician for assistance with upgraded the RAM on your current PC.



Watch the Video Below to Learn More About the Equipment and System Policy


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