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What if you could start your own business and work from home this summer? Break away from the usual, tedious summer jobs and work at home in your pajamas all summer. Trade in your lesson plans for business plans. Teachers are perfect for starting a home-based call center business using the Arise® Platform. You are already organized, motivated, and possess those self-starter qualities. You regularly make lesson plans, so a business plan will come second nature to you. Everything you already do as a teacher works for both teaching and running your own call center business.

Benefits of Starting Your Own Call Center and Registering to use the Arise® Platform
This is not your average business startup; when you use the Arise® Platform, there are minimal startup costs and very little risk. You can start your own call center and work from home without a huge investment in infrastructure. It’s easy to get started and you can be up and running by the time summer starts. The possibilities are endless and the benefits are many:

  • Be your own boss, make your own schedule. If you don’t want to wake up early all summer, you don’t have to.
  • The hours are flexible, you can make them work around your schedule and still take time for what you want to do over the summer.
  •  No commute necessary and you can stay in your pajamas.
  • There are many different companies to service on the Arise® Platform so you can find an industry that interests you most.
  • Grow your company! Have other teachers and friends that might like this idea too? They can work for your call center.

You can heat things up this summer by jumpstarting your own call center company that can be an extra source of income. Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and see where this new opportunity takes you.

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