Arise Virtual Gateway (AVG)


AVG, the Arise Virtual Gateway, is a system that helps improve consistency and efficiency while centrally and seamlessly managing call routing.


Service Partners and agents have the option to use either a POTS line (plain old telephone service) or VoIP (aka digital telephone or cable telephony – please see page 5 for details) to service a client program. However, call centers and agents servicing client programs that route calls through the AVG system will need to be able to dial into the AVG (786) number.


• Service Partners and agents who do not have Miami area code phone numbers (305 or 786) will need to be able to dial long distance on their service lines which may result in long distance charges. For that reason, bulk or unlimited long-distance service plans are recommended and available from most carriers to avoid per-minute charges.


• A small number of client programs currently prohibit the use of VoIP while servicing and a POTS line will be required to service those programs. If the client program does not currently allow VoIP, agents will not be servicing on AVG.


Please be sure to review the Opportunity Announcement in detail to see if AVG is required on the client program you select.



Watch the Video Below to Learn More About the Equipment and System Policy


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