ASD (Arise® Secure Desktop)


The Arise® Secure Desktop (ASD) is a tool designed to temporarily convert a PC into a “servicing station” for the client program a business will be servicing. The ASD provides a secure and streamlined environment that is optimized to successfully access the Arise® Platform to service a client program.


Not all client programs require the use of an ASD so it is recommended that an agent review the Opportunity Announcement in detail to see if an ASD will be needed.


• If the client program selected uses the ASD, all the information required for its use is contained within a USB flash drive and instructions that will be provided to the enrolled agent.
• Upon enrollment in a certification course for a client program, make sure to keep an eye out for an email with instructions on how to install the ASD.


The ASD is an additional operating system on a computer. It does not interact with an existing Windows operating system. It is launched from a USB flash drive and does not install on a computer. Once the ASD is removed, no trace of it is left on the PC.



Watch the Video Below to Learn More About the Equipment and System Policy