Many people start-out working for a call center company already using the Arise Platform. These same people often go on to start their own call center companies, once they are comfortable with the responsibility of running a company, the Arise Platform, the client programs and they have their daily routine down pat.




Things to Consider

Working for a call center company already using the Arise Platform is a smart way to get experience. A few things to keep in mind to ensure a more rewarding experience:


Do your homework. The call center companies using the Arise Platform are not in any way affiliated with Arise. Make sure you research a company’s background, look for reviews from their other agents, ask for references
and spend time speaking with the business owner so you feel comfortable and confident with the company. You have many options, don’t settle for one that doesn’t feel right or comes with red flags.


Connect with others. The most convenient way to connect with companies who may be looking for customer support agents, is to join in the conversation on the Arise Facebook page. Make friends, share information, find out who is looking for agents, and learn some tips of the trade.


Be clear on what’s involved before committing. Learn about the client opportunities available, the schedule, the service hours and any course requirements necessary to begin providing service. Most importantly, be sure to understand what you will be paid and how. Your compensation will be determined by the company you work for.





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