Mothers Day

This Mother’s Day, Give Yourself a Gift: Work Life Balance

As a working mom, you do so much for your family.

There are umpteen jobs that go along with being a mother – and you do it all while working. On Mother’s Day, you will likely get well-deserved “thanks” from your family.  Flowers, gifts, and a nice meal…maybe a homemade card you’ll treasure forever.

But what are you doing to honor yourself?

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to have better balance between your home life and your work life. Working from home, especially when you have your own business, gives you freedom, independence and the ability to cut out the commute that cuts into family time.

Have all the family time you want, while still earning an income.

You can have a business that allows you work from home, set your own schedule, be your own boss, choose the time of day you want to work and work as little or as much as you want.

You control your work; your work doesn’t control you.

If you’ve thought about starting a small business and wished you could work from home, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to take care of you and make it happen. It’s easier than you think!

Start your own mini-call center.  Become a business owner, or an agent with a business already using the Arise® Platform, and work with trusted and well-known brands. Pick an area that interests you – such as retail, travel or technology – and provide customer service, sales or technical support for Fortune 500 companies in that industry.

Become a Mompreneur

Being a mom is the most important job you have, so why not give yourself the ability to schedule your work around your family, rather than the other way around?  You know how to help others. It’s naturally ingrained in you. In business, that skill could translate to the ability to provide excellent customer care.

If you’ve thought about a work-from-home call center business, but never knew where to start, you can get the tools you need:  technology infrastructure, support and client opportunities. For tens of thousands of moms, balancing family and work is now a reality.

Be a mom and a business owner. Take the first step towards making a work-from-home call center business a reality. Start the registration process to use the Arise® Platform.

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