Melissa S.

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How did you hear about the Arise® Platform? 

I learned about it from Facebook but was using another platform prior, so I looked into Arise, and discovered nothing but wonderful things about the Arise® Platform. 

How long have you been using the Arise® Platform? 

About a year! I literally just thought about it—and it is crazy—it’ll be a year in May. Working from home has been great for me because I was diagnosed with RA. I just couldn’t take the pain I had in my hands and feet anymore, which is why I looked into working from home. 

The Arise® Platform has been extremely beneficial to me because I have been able to help my other half with responsibilities and not suffer as badly as I was.  It’s a great thing—and using the Arise® Platform enables us to be business owners. 

What do you like most about the Arise® Platform? 

The thing that I love most about the Arise® Platform is that I have been able to build my own business and build it at a pace that I can handle where I am not throwing too much at myself while servicing.  

It has been a process this last year and it’s still not fully underway.  I’m in the process of building tutorials for new agents who do not have experience in customer service. I believe that any agents who provide service on the Arise® Platform will benefit from it. I am also currently servicing the home improvement supplier client and am in certification for another one. 

What do you like most about servicing the home improvement supplier? 

The fact that the hours are there, and I can do what I love doing: assisting customers. 

I have been able to put my own little touch on things and touch the hearts of customers that call without having to be face to face with them. The fact that I can still help people whole-heartedly and know that they’re happy and appreciative means so much—because we get customers who have concerns about deliveries, and we can make it right for them.

The fact that the customers have a positive experience with customer service—you know, they get a live person, and we get to help them—is great. 

Why do you think you connected so well with home improvement supplier? 

I mean, the fact that I’ve been able to help people, which is what I love doing—and I’m just like my father—I will go out of my way to help someone.  

I can still do that with my health problems and know it’s appreciated while I’m doing the right thing for the customer. 

The fact that I can touch someone’s life and show them that there are people who do care is wonderful. 

How has your use of the Arise® Platform improved your life personally and professionally? 

Well, my other half has gotten us two English Bulldogs. I can still be home with them—all the time—which has been very beneficial. They—besides my kids who are my heart and joy—are my life. 

Has there been a time while servicing that you feel you have positively impacted someone’s day or life by providing excellent customer service or support? Please tell us about it. 

Absolutely! During Christmas time, I had a customer call about their package.

Their package was delivered, but it was placed in the driveway. The customer—not knowing it was in the driveway—ran it over.  

It ended up being Christmas decorations that he wanted to put outside for his kids.  

This single father was doing everything he could to show his kids everything that Christmas was about, and to me, that is very old- fashion—just like how I was raised, so I did everything I could to fix the situation and have those packages resent out to him the next day—and, you know—help him make his kid’s Christmas! 

It actually makes me get teary-eyed because it touched me in a way that I never thought my heart could be touched. 

Knowing I could help a single father do what my father did for me just touched me in ways you will never understand.  

The fact that I was able to be a part of that…. 

It is something that will be with me for a lifetime. 

Do you have any advice for those who are new to using the Arise® Platform? 

Step outside of your comfort zone. It’s scary initially, but once you’re over the fear, it’s so beneficial!  I also became very good friends with many of the people I was in class with. 

Is there anything else you would like others to know about the Arise® Platform? 

I mean, is there anything not to love? 

To be able to stay home, for me to be with my dogs—there are parents who can be home with their kids—that is a wonderful thing! The Arise® Platform is giving people back opportunities they didn’t think they had anymore, especially after everything that happened during the pandemic. This is also the reason I became a Service Partner: to let people know that there are still opportunities out there—and we just happen to be very lucky that we get to service Fortune 500 companies!  It’s also nice to know that the Arise® Platform is wanting to know what is going on with its Service Partners—and that gives me a really good feeling! 

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