Join Intuit at the Leading Edge of Customer Support.

How can you get on the leading edge of customer support, increase your worth and be of the highest value to Fortune 500 and other top companies? Two words: Video Chat.

As most customers prefer to work with a human being, video chat is one of the most important new services in high-level customer support today.

Sign up for the Intuit Opportunity and you’ll learn about “SmartLook” video and screen share technology, which is a super easy and efficient way to interact with customers via video.

The SmartLook Video Chat Pack includes a:

  • Business class web cam
  • Wrap around background to attach behind your chair
  • White program polo shirt

What’s so great about SmartLook?

  •  It allows call centers and their agents to easily and quickly see customer’s TurboTax Online screens through screen sharing via the Intuit system.
  • Customer call/chats are quicker, more efficient and effective
  • Improves Net Promoter Scores (a key metric under the SOW)
  • Super easy-to-use!

The customer can opt into a video call on the Intuit website, or the call center agent can initiate SmartLook and the video screen share window will be activated.

Sneak peak at how it looks from customer’s perspective:

Customers can see the agent in a small box on the side. Agents will not be able to see customers.


What’s required:

  •  Desire to stay at the leading edge of customer support service and be of the highest value to Intuit
  •  Smiling face, helpful attitude, professional appearance and disposition


Sounds great. What’s next?

Register to use the Arise Platform or if your call center company is already using the platform, just login to the Portal and get all the details in the Intuit opportunity announcement.